This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Developer Studio post-upgrade procedures

When you upgrade BMC Remedy Developer Studio, the installer performs the following actions:

  • Moves the previous Developer Studio files to a DeveloperStudioBackup folder. (This includes workspaces and external plug-ins.)
  • Places the new binaries in the DeveloperStudio folder.
  • Copies workspaces from the DeveloperStudioBackup folder to the DeveloperStudio folder.

External Developer Studio plug-ins that you configured before the upgrade are not copied to the DeveloperStudiofolder.

To ensure that the correct plug-ins are in the DeveloperStudio folder

Manually copy external Developer Studio plug-ins from the DeveloperStudioBackup folder to theDeveloperStudio folder.

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