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Completing the planning spreadsheet

The following topics are provided:

TopicAdditional information
Planning for your installation by using the planning spreadsheetBefore you start installing or upgrading the products, you must gather information about the required parameters for which the installer prompts for each product. The planning spreadsheet provided in this topic helps you to gather these parameter values. To avoid installation errors, refer to this spreadsheet when you run the installation.
Understanding the server name alias and host name

During the installation on Microsoft Windows or UNIX, you are asked for the BMC Remedy AR System server alias and a BMC Remedy AR System server host name or IP address for the physical computer on which the BMC Remedy AR System server will be installed.

Understanding port numbers

Port numbers identify the TCP ports from which the BMC Remedy AR System server and plug-in server will run. This topic provides the following information:

  • Registering with a portmapper
  • Portmapper and multiple servers
  • Detecting a portpammer
  • Assigning port numbers
  • Default port numbers
  • BMC Atrium Core ports
  • Atrium Integrator ports
Understanding installed APIs and plug-insThis topic describes the plug-ins and corresponding application programming interfaces (APIs) that extend the BMC Remedy AR System functionality to external data sources.
Understanding application server passwordsThis topic describes the application server passwords that you must set when you install BMC Remedy AR System.

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