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BPCU log information

When the Best Practice Conversion Utility (BPCU) is first run on a server, it creates the BPCU-Log form. The form records information about each run of the utility, such as the run date, run mode, and return code. The form also stores the log file and the difference report that are associated with the run as attachments.

By default, BPCU log file is <ARSystemServerInstallDir>\Best_Practice_Conversion_Utility\bpcu.log.

To change the log file name, modify the file.

Each time BPCU is run, the information in the bpcu.log file is overwritten. The previous version of the log is saved in the BPCU-Log form.

BMC Remedy AR System application installation programs can use the bpcu.log file to determine whether BPCU was run and whether overlays were successfully created.

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