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Acquiring origin objects

When you upgrade an application, its origin objects are modified. If you want to understand the effects of these modifications, compare origin objects from the original application with origin objects from the upgraded application. Similarly, to understand the modifications captured in your overlays, compare them with origin objects from the software to which you want to upgrade.

You must acquire unmodified origin objects and then compare the overlays on your server to these unmodified origin objects, allowing you to see exactly what has changed in any object.

To acquire origin objects

Consider the following:

  • If you already created a reference server to use when fixing any non-permitted customizations, upgrade that reference server to the current version of BMC Remedy AR System.
  • If you did not create a reference server, set up a new reference server. First, install the current version of BMC Remedy AR System, and then install out-of-the-box versions of all the applications that are running on your production server, including any patches and hotfixes.

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