This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 23.3.01 from the Product version picker.

Viewing and collecting logs by using the Support Assistant tool

BMC provides the Support Assistant tool to view and collect BMC Helix Innovation Suite and service management application logs. Administrators can use the logs to analyze and debug issues. Use the Assistant tool to download and view the following logs:

  • Trace logs
  • Thread dump and stack logs
  • API logs

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you register Domain Name System (DNS) for your cluster to access the Support Assistant tool. 
  • Make sure that you install the Assistant tool.

Accessing the Support Assistant tool

Use the following URL to access the Support Assistant tool:

<CUSTOMER_SERVICE>-<ENVIRONMENT>-supportassisttool.<domain name>
For example,
The default local user credentials are as follows:

  • User name—admin

  • PasswordsatAdmin1#


When you login for the first time, the change password field is displayed in the login dialog box. Change the password by performing the following steps:

  1. On the login dialog box, complete the user name, password, and change password fields.
  2. Click Change and Login.

You can also log in to the Assistant tool by using an Action Request System user credentials. To access the Assistant tool, you must add the Action Request System user for authentication. Learn about how to configure AR authentication at Configuring AR authentication Open link .

To download a log file

  1. Log in to the Support Assistant tool.    
  2. To download all log files in the BMC Helix Innovation Suite namespace, on the Namespace tab, click the namespace name.
  3. In the pane, a list of pods running in the namespace are displayed, select the pod for which you want to download logs.
  4. To download logs from a specific directory, on the Directories tab, click the download icon corresponding to the directory name.
  5. To download logs in all the directories, click Download all logs.

  6. To download the thread dump logs, perform the following steps:
    1. On the Containers tab, click the container for which you want to download logs.


      In the Containers tab, Download all logs and Download heap dump options do not work as the Support Assistant tool runs as a sidecar container.

    2. In the Download thread dump column, click the download icon corresponding to the container process.

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