This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.1.06 from the Product version picker.

Recommended skill set and trainings

To install BMC Helix IT Service Management, several tools are required to set up a container based environment. Before you start with the installation, we recommend that you understand the skill set required to perform the installation, and complete the recommended trainings.

Tools used in BMC Deployment Engine

BMC Deployment Engine is a deployment tool that is used to deploy, upgrade, patch, and manage BMC Helix IT Service Management configuration.

The following tools are used to set up BMC Deployment Engine:

JenkinsJenkins is an automation server that is used to create and automate deployment pipelines. Jenkins also provides a graphical UI to perform the deployment. Jenkins deployment pipeline automation uses Python, Ansible, and shell scripts. 

Jenkins User Documentation Open link

AnsibleAnsible is a tool that enables application deployment functionality.

Ansible Documentation Open link

HelmHelm is the package manager used to deploy applications in Kubernetes.

Helm Documentation Open link

GitGit is a distributed version control system. Git is required to maintain the automation scripts.

git Documentation Open link

kubectlkubectl is Kubernetes command-line tool. It is a Kubernetes client that is used to run the Kubernetes commands.

kubectl Kubernetes Documentation Open link


Docker is a software framework for managing containers. It is used to build container images.

Docker commands Open link

Recommended skill set

We recommend that you have an understanding of the following tools to successfully install BMC Helix IT Service Management:

Technology / ToolsDescriptionReference


Kubernetes is a container orchestration that is used to deploy containerized BMC Helix Innovation Studio and applications. The container-based applications run on a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Documentation Open link

NGINX Ingress Controller

NGINX Ingress Controller enables you to configure a load balancer for Kubernetes environments

NGINX Ingress Controller Open link

LinuxLinux operating system is used in the Jenkins server setup and shell scripts that are used to set the deployment pipeline.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Documentation Open link


Harbor is a container registry.

Container images required for installing BMC Helix IT Service Management are located at BMC DTR. You can synchronize the container images to a local container repository and configure the deployment pipeline to use the container images from the local repository.

Important: BMC validates using the open-source Harbor repository. You can choose any container repository solution that is compatible with the  BMC Helix IT Service Management deployment. BMC does not anticipate any issues with alternative repositories. However, BMC does not provide support for alternative container repositories.

Harbor 2.1 Documentation Open link

Recommended trainings

We recommend that you complete the following trainings:

BMC Helix IT Service Management deployment

BMC Helix On-Premises IT Service Management Container Deployment: Essential Subscription Open link

Learn Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes and Kubernetes cluster Open link

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