This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.1.06 from the Product version picker.

Troubleshooting deployment pipeline failure issues

The HELIX_ONPREM_DEPLOYMENT Jenkins pipeline that you use to perform BMC Helix IT Service Management installation consists of the various pipelines, such as HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY, HELIX_NONPLATFORM_DEPLOY, HELIX_CONFIGURE_ITSM, and HELIX_SMARTAPPS_DEPLOY. During installation, if any of these pipeline fails, you can troubleshoot the pipeline failure issue, and rebuild the pipeline.

To troubleshoot Jenkins pipeline failure issues

  1. In Jenkins, in the pipeline where failure occurred, in the pane, select the latest build, and click Console Output.
  2. On the Console Output page, check the logs to find the reason for the failure.
  3. If required, update the parameters in the deployment input configuration file.
    Learn about deployment input configuration file parameters at Setting up the deployment input configuration file.
  4. Verify and fix the issue.
  5. In Jenkins, in the pipeline where the failure occurred, in the navigation pane, click Rebuild.
  6. In the Rebuild page, select the ReRun check box , and click Rebuild.

The pipeline starts running from the instance where it stopped due to the failure.

To troubleshoot HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY pipeline failure issues

If HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY pipeline fails or the pipeline execution halts due to errors about Helm delete commands, such as helm delete --purge ar-db-setup-<CUSTOMER_SERVICE>-<ENVIRONMENT> and helm delete --purge sr-db-setup-<CUSTOMER_SERVICE>-<ENVIRONMENT>, perform the following steps:

  1. To stop the pipeline execution,  click the cross mark on the progress bar.
  2. To check if the pipeline execution is stopped, click the pipeline name HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY.
  3. Edit the deployment input configuration file in the CUSTOMER_CONFIGS repository by using the URL<CUSTOMER_SERVICE>/<CUSTOMER_SERVICE>-<ENVIRONMENT>.sh
  4. Update the following parameters:
    • AR_DB_RESTORE="false"
  5. Rebuild the HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY pipeline by selecting the IS_HELM3 check box.

To troubleshoot pipeline failure issues due to incorrect parameter values

If the HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY, HELIX_NON_PLATFORM_DEPLOY, or HELIX_SMARTAPPS_DEPLOY pipeline fails due to incorrect parameter values, perform the following steps:

  1. If the pipeline with incorrect parameter values is running, stop the pipeline.
  2. Specify the correct parameter values.
    For example, if the HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY pipeline fails due to incorrect FTS_ELASTICSEARCH_PORT value, specify the correct FTS_ELASTICSEARCH_PORT value.
  3. Select the HELIX_GENERATE_CONFIG pipeline.
    Make sure that you do not select any other pipeline.
  4. Click Rebuild.
    Make sure that the HELIX_GENERATE_CONFIG pipeline runs successfully.
  5. Rebuild the failed pipeline by using the Rerun option.
    Make sure that the pipeline runs successfully. For example, rebuild the HELIX_PLATFORM_DEPLOY pipeline and make sure that it runs successfully.
  6. In the HELIX_ONPREM_DEPLOYMENT pipeline, select the pipelines that are pending.
  7. Click Rebuild.

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