This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.1.06 from the Product version picker.

Preparing for installation

Prepare for the BMC Helix IT Service Management installation by performing the tasks in the order listed.

Download the artifacts required to perform the installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.Downloading the installation files
Set up your Harbor repository to access the container images and synchronize the repository with BMC Docker Trusted Registry.Setting up a Harbor repository
Prepare your database for the installation.

Preparing to install on a Unicode database

Setting up a Microsoft SQL Server database

Setting up an Oracle database

Setting up a PostgreSQL database

Set up the BMC Deployment Engine to call the relevant pipelines that deploy your applications.Setting up BMC Deployment Engine
(Optional) Set up the deployment parameters in the input configuration file.Setting up the deployment input configuration file
Set up your environment to make it installation ready.Setting up the installation environment

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  1. Carin Sinclair

    Could be possible update the flow of the install to the following - Preparing your database -Setting up BMC Deployment Engine - Setting up the deployment input configuration file - setting up the installation env

    In the Deployment Engine step we asking customers to run pipelines with build parameters but dont reference it until after database setup

    Sep 22, 2021 10:37
  2. Emrah Ozbekar

    In which section does documentation says we need to install kubernetes? It is not in this page, not in "Setting up BMC Deployment Engine" page. It is mentioned in system requirements but never listed as a step in installation procedure. For example, Helm (package manager) is also listed among system requirements but it is also given as a step in "Setting up BMC Deployment Engine" document. If kubernetes needs to be installed first, then it should be given as the first item of installation procedure.

    Dec 10, 2021 03:46
    1. Poonam Morti


      Thanks for your feedback on the documentation.

      Kubernetes cluster is a pre-requisite system requirement to install BMC Helix Innovation Suite. We have the details about this requirement in the System requirements page. In this documentation space, we are covering the BMC Helix Innovation Suite installation process on a system that already has Kubernetes cluster installed.



      Dec 23, 2021 03:19