This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.1.06 from the Product version picker.

Planning a fresh installation

Plan your fresh installation of BMC Helix IT Service Management before you start with the actual installation process. To install  BMC Helix IT Service Management, you must install  the relevant components for each BMC Helix Innovation Suite deployment architecture tier. Learn about each of the tiers and components at BMC Helix IT Service Management deployment architecture.

Planning the environment

Review the planning decisions and related information to plan the optimal environment for installing BMC Helix IT Service Management.

Planning decisionDetails
What are the hardware requirements?

Before installing BMC Helix IT Service Management, ensure that you plan for the required hardware. Review the minimum hardware requirements and plan the optimal infrastructure to support your deployment.

To know about hardware requirements, see System requirements

How do I determine the number of systems I need to support my installation?

BMC publishes guidelines for hardware sizing based on a series of enterprise-scale tests to demonstrate the scalability and performance of the platform and the applications.

What are the software requirements?

Plan for the operating systems, databases, and other third-party software that are required for installing BMC Helix IT Service Management.

Review the System requirements and BMC Deployment Engine overview to ensure that the system on which you plan to install contains the required and supported third-party software.
Which databases are supported?

BMC Helix IT Service Management supports the Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

To view the supported database versions, see System requirements.

Planning the pre-installation activities

Review the planning decisions in this section to understand the activities that you must perform before installing BMC Helix IT Service Management.


Planning decisionDetails
What preparations are required for a fresh installation?

To prepare the environment for installation, perform the tasks in the Preparing for installation section before performing the BMC Helix IT Service Management deployment. 

How to download the deployment manager and container images?

Download the installation pipelines and a key to access the container images from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Learn about downloading the installation artifacts and accessing the container images at Downloading the installation files and Setting up a Harbor repository.

What credentials are required for installing BMC Helix Innovation Suite?

You must have Kubernetes cluster level permissions for creating clusterrole and clusterrolebinding as some of the component installation requires it.

What are the license requirements and how to get a license?

To view the license requirements, see the following topics:

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