This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix IT Service Management on-premises deployment.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 22.1.06 from the Product version picker.

BMC Helix IT Service Management deployment architecture

The system administrator performs a container deployment of  BMC Helix Innovation Suite and Service Management applications.

The BMC Helix IT Service Management container includes the essential components, such as the AR System server, Mid Tier, BMC Helix Single Sign-On, and applications developed with Developer Studio (BMC Helix ITSMapplications, Smart IT, and Smart Reporting) and BMC Helix Innovation Studio (Live Chat, BMC Helix Business Workflows, and BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker). 

Use the BMC Helix IT Service Management container to set up the BMC Helix Innovation Suite platform and Service Management applications on your local system. 

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Deployment architecture

The following diagram depicts the container deployment architecture of BMC Helix IT Service Management:

The architecture consists of the following components:


BMC Docker registry that stores the container images.

Harbor repositoryLocal Docker registry setup in the customer environment.
BMC Deployment Engine

Logical entity that is used to deploy BMC Helix IT Service Management in your environment. 

BMC Deployment ManagerEnables access to container images.
Kubernetes platform
NGINX ingress controller

Specialized load balancer for Kubernetes environment. 

NGINX is directly used as an ingress controller. The following features of NGINX are used: 

  • Authorization Module – Used to internally handle redirects to the correct service to authenticate and authorize the service
  • Configuration Customization – Used to intercept calls between services based on authentication criteria  
  • Mergeable Ingress – Allows separate minion ingress objects per service with a single master ingress to handle all major configurations including multi-tenant support with server-alias annotation 
  • Rewrite Target – Is regex-based and flexible. Used to map incoming URL to paths within the micro-service  

With NGINX support, several use cases can be supported including:

  • Centralized Grafana-based reporting for All BMC products 
  • Artificial Intelligence for Service Management 
    • Proactive Problem Management 
    • Real-time Incident Correlation
  • Single stack for Dev/QA environments through multitenancy
Kubernetes serviceA logical group of pods in a cluster.
Client TierThe Client tier consists of client tools that help you access a service made available by a server. The tools in this layer are responsible for presenting services and displaying data to clients through various interfaces.
BMC Helix Innovation Suite User Web Tier

Applications that enable you to access the server tier from a browser and make web services accessible. The following applications are included in the Web tier:

  • Mid Tier enables you to access BMC Helix Innovation Suite from a browser. The  Mid Tier contains components and add-in services that run on a web server, enabling users to view applications on the web.  Mid Tier translates client requests, interprets responses from the server, handles web service requests, and runs server-side processes that provide  BMC Helix Innovation Suite functionality to web and wireless clients.
    A browser is a generic client that has no inherent knowledge of any application that might run within it. By acting as an interpreter, the  Mid Tier allows a browser to become a fully functional BMC Helix Innovation Suite client.
  • Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use reporting application for non-technical users that delivers drag-and-drop support for formatting and data selection.
  • Smart IT user interface makes it easier for you to perform basic BMC Helix ITSM processes reducing the number of steps involved in performing the tasks. Smart IT sets a new standard for the modern, collaborative workplace with an intuitive, social, and mobile service desk experience to users.
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace enables you to request IT, HR, and other company services through a social media-like interface. Administrators enable self-service features for end users.
  • Live Chat provides a self-service solution for users to resolve their issues by chatting to support agents.
BMC Helix Innovation Suite

Platform integration and user services:

  • REST API traffic support to the AR System server.
  • Service used by the applications for interacting with the AR System server.

Learn about BMC Helix Innovation Suite architecture at BMC Helix Innovation Suite architecture Open link .

BMC Helix Platform

BMC Helix Platform is a microservices-based SaaS platform, you can use foundational services such as user management, tenant management, and single sign-on. 

For more information, see the Product overview Open link in BMC Helix Portal documentation.

Data TierThe Data tier holds data that applications can create and manipulate.
Database server

Storage for data that applications can create and manipulate. The data tier uses PostgreSQL (Linux), Oracle, or SQL Server database platform.

The following databases are included in the data tier:

  • BMC Helix Innovation Suitedatabase - Stores definitions and data for AR System server, Mid Tier, and BMC Helix ITSM applications.
  • BMC Helix ITSM: Smart Reportingdatabase - Stores definitions and data for Smart Reporting.
  • BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT database - Stores definitions and data for BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.
  • BMC Helix Single Sign-On database - Stores definitions and data for BMC Helix Single Sign-On.
Persistent volumesFacilitates the storage of block-based data. We recommend block storage of Elasticsearch. Currently we support Ceph RBD.

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  1. Jagadish Patil

    In description of 'Server tier' there is mention of 'BMC Helix Innovation Suite' & 'BMC Helix Single Sign-On', but i do not see ' BMC Helix Innovation Suite' in architecture diagram. I know there are Services which communcates to AR Server, but I feel this is missing from diagram.

    Jul 29, 2021 01:55
    1. Anagha Deshpande

      Hello Jagadish,

      Service Management applications run on BMC Helix Innovation Suite. BMC Helix Innovation Suite offers capabilities of Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

      See detailed information here.

      Hope this helps.



      Jul 29, 2021 04:23
  2. Jagadish Patil

    In description of 'databse tier', there is no mention of 'SMART IT' Database as compare to what I can see in architecture diagram.

    Jul 29, 2021 01:59
    1. Anagha Deshpande

      Hello Jagadish,

      We have updated the topic with Smart IT database information.



      Jul 29, 2021 04:24
  3. Keith Odom

    BMC Helix Innovation Suite box in the diagram and the heading in the description section should be call "BMC Helix Innovation Suite Server". This service / pods are the converged AR, Innovation Studio, and DWP Catalog servers.
    There should be a link in the description section that points to the expanded view of the IS server in 21.02 doc section. Something like the comment above. "Helix Innovation Suite offers capabilities of Action Request System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio. See detailed information here."

    Sep 24, 2021 11:19
  4. Peter Lundqvist

    Could we have a legend for the different parts of the diagram, please? E.g.: Solid Turquoise means?, Dashed orange means? solid gray means? Solid blue ....

    Sep 29, 2021 08:32
    1. Anagha Deshpande

      Hello Peter Lundqvist

      Thanks for your feedback.

      We are working on it.



      Sep 29, 2021 09:53
      1. Anagha Deshpande

        Hello Peter Lundqvist,

        We have updated the topic.



        Oct 03, 2021 10:50
        1. Steffen Gruebler

          What about the items within the light green borders (Database server, Persistent volumes)? And is "Namespace: BMC Helix Logging" correctly positioned outside Kubernetes platform borders?

          Oct 13, 2021 03:25
          1. Steffen Gruebler

            Thank you for the changes.

            Oct 20, 2021 12:16
  5. Abhijit Hendre

    Can you please share full form of TMS, TAS and IMS? What's their significance & use?

    Dec 23, 2021 09:34
    1. Andy Spiers Tenant Management System (TMS) Identity Management System (IMS) (TAS ?) - Audit Service (in portal) or Admin Service here

      Dec 23, 2021 10:15
  6. SudeepKumar Chandrasekaran

    What is the postgres at the bottom shown in "DataTier" ? is this separate database installed ? i see the "Helix Innovation suite + ITSM" database is at the top.

    Oct 27, 2023 02:08
    1. Poonam Morti

      Hi SudeepKumar,

      The Postgres shown in Data Tier is a data lake component that is installed by BMC Helix Platform Common Services. It is used to structure data across the product and platform about organization, users, metadata, and so on.



      Nov 01, 2023 03:09