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Tuning the AR System server

This section contains the following information:

Because most of the business logic resides in the server tier, it is imperative to size and configure the BMC Remedy AR System server correctly. Based on field experience, the following factors might result in sub-optimal performance:

  • Insufficient hardware resources (CPU and memory) for any component in this tier
  • Poorly configured multi-threading and multi-process settings
  • Poorly configured limit and timeout settings
  • Poorly filtered user requests
  • Design deficiencies in the AR System workflow that lead to inefficient SQL

When tuning the AR System server, consider the performance of all of the components that it interacts with and that draw on AR System server resources.

Following are some of the components that affect AR System server performance:

  • BMC Atrium CMDB
  • BMC Atrium Integration Engine
  • Normalization Engine
  • Reconciliation Engine
  • Business Rules Engine
  • BMC Remedy Full Text Search Engine
  • BMC Remedy Email Engine
  • BMC Remedy Flashboards
  • Overview Console and Command Application Interface (CAI)
  • RKM plug-ins
  • BMC Remedy Approval Server
  • BMC Remedy Assignment Engine

A summary of the recommended configurations based on the sizing of small, medium, or large model is found here:

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