This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Troubleshooting driver issues

This topic provides information about troubleshooting the cmdbdriver or driver command failure issues.

If an installation fails, the executable files in the utilities directory may not be available. The utilities directory is located under the Temp directory. You should first re-create the directory structure and then perform the troubleshooting actions.

To create the directory structure

Use either of the following methods:

  • Run the product installer again till you get the welcome screen.
  • Run the maintenance tool till you get the welcome screen.

The utilities directory will be re-created under the Temp directory.

To troubleshoot the installation failure

  1. Set the library path to the rik directory.

    • (Microsoft Windows) The path is temp\utilities\rik.

    • (UNIX) The path is <Temp_location>/utilities/rik.


      The library path for supported UNIX platforms are as follows:

      • Linux: LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  2. From the command prompt, run the command that triggered the installation error.

  3. Check the log information displayed on the command prompt
  4. Alternatively, check if log files are generated in the directory where the cmdbdriver or driver script is located. By default, the name of the log file is Driver.out.
  5. Edit the path in the cmdbdriver or driver command as appropriate.
    • (UNIX) Remove the double quotes from the path.
    • (Windows) If the path has spaces in it, add the path within double quotes ("<path>")
  6. In the -p <not_displayed> command, replace the <not_displayed> parameter with the correct password.
  7. Examine the log files for failures. 



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