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Running the installer in silent mode

Before you begin

An example ARSystem-ini-template.txt file contains all of the options that you can use for silent installation. You can find the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file in the <InstallerDirectory>\Disk1\utility folder.

To run the installer in silent mode

  1. Using the worksheets in Completing the installation spreadsheet as a guide, edit the options in the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file, ensuring that you include the appropriate -P, -J, or -A option:





    Sets the installation directory for a product.

    -P installLocation=<filePath>

    • (Windows)-P installLocation=C:\Program Files\ BMC Software\ARSystem
    • (UNIX)-P installLocation=/opt/bmc/ARSystem


    Specifies the products and features you want to install. The product and feature names are listed at the top of the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file. To install more than one product or feature, include the -A line for each.

    -A product <productName>
    -A feature <featureName>

    For example:
    -A product ARSuiteKit

    -A featureMidTier
    -A feature Clients
    Note: The product names are case sensitive. Refer to the ARSystem-ini-template.txt for complete product names.


    Specifies Java properties that correspond to user inputs. See the Example options.txt file for examples.


    -J BMC_AR_USER=Demo


    As you edit the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file, apply the following guidelines:

    • Remove the comment (#) markers.
    • To use an encrypted password, use the -J passwordOption= option.
    • In UNIX environments, ensure that no Ctrl+M characters appear in the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file.
    • Enter Yes for the BMC_EULA_ACCEPT parameter:
      ## BMC EULA Accept
  2. To set the installation mode (install/upgrade) in the ARSystem-ini-template.txt file, edit the BMC_ARSYSTEM_INSTALL_OPTION as follows:
    • -J BMC_ARSYSTEM_INSTALL_OPTION=Install (for fresh installation)
    • -J BMC_ARSYSTEM_INSTALL_OPTION=Upgrade (for upgrade)
  3. Run the installer with the -i silent option:
    • (Windows) setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=c:\path\to\ARSystem-ini-template.txt
    • (UNIX) ./setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=/path/to/ARSystem-ini-template.txt


By default, the installer migrates the Lucene 2.9 single-file Full Text Search (FTS) index into Lucene 4.9 schema specific files. The index migration step can be time consuming. To skip the migration step, use the -J BMC_AR_SKIP_FTS_INDEX_MIGRATION=true option when performing a silent installation. Refer to Example options.txt file for more information. Once the FTS index has been migrated, subsequent installations skip the migration step.

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