This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Preserving your customized join forms and related views

If you have created a customized join form that references a field on an existing BMC Remedy ITSM form that is going to be deleted, you will have to identify your customized join forms, export related views, and re-create the fields in your join forms following an upgrade. For information about re-creating the fields, see  Re-create fields for your customized join forms Open link  in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite documentation.

To identify the customized join forms and export related views

  1. Log in to the server using BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Within the AR System Navigator view, choose Server Name > All Objects > Forms and double-click Forms to display the list of available forms on the server.
  3. Click the Type table header to sort the list by form type.
  4. Review all forms of type "Join" and identify any forms that have been added that reference existing BMC Remedy ITSM forms.
    If a join form references another join form that references a BMC Remedy ITSM field, they must be identified as well.
  5. Right-click each of the identified forms in the list and select Export Form View....
  6. Enter a valid directory name and file name in the To File: field and click the Export button.
    All views on the form are exported to the specified directory and file name.


Where to go from here

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Go to Preparing AR System for the ITSM application upgrade.

If you have completed the pre-upgrade tasks, go to Upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM.

Up to process

If you have finished upgrading the applications, return to the appropriate upgrade process:

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