This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Preparing to install BMC Remedy Developer Studio

Remedy Developer Studio is one of the Remedy AR System clients. To install Remedy Developer Studio, run the Remedy AR System Server installer and select Remedy AR System clients.

When preparing to install BMC Remedy Developer Studio, remember these tips:

  • Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the computer that will run BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  • If you are connecting to servers in different locales, install a multiple-language version of the JRE.
  •  BMC Remedy Developer Studio requires that  the maximum memory of the <DeveloperStudioInstallationDir>\devstudio.ini file be set to at least 512 MB of RAM. For medium-sized applications that have a few thousand forms and workflow objects, this configuration is enough, both for application development and for using Remedy Developer Plus (RDP) features. However, for large scale applications such as ITSM, this configuration might be enough only for application development, and not sufficient for using RDP features, Snapshot and AR Object Reconciliation. For such cases, you should install Developer Studio on 64-bit Windows where we can increase the maximum memory to 2048 MB.


    Increasing memory size might slow the startup time of BMC Remedy Developer Studio, so it is best to increase memory size only when absolutely necessary.

    If you have at least 512 MB of RAM but receive errors regarding space issues (for example, if you try to open many objects at once), change the -Xmx512m setting in the devstudio.ini file to increase the space. For example, if you have at least 1 GB, change this setting to -Xmx1024m.

  • The Localization Toolkit option is available by default. 

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  1. Priyanka Gupta

    Is there a desktop version of Remedy Developer Studio I can download?

    Aug 23, 2022 01:56
  2. Priyanka Gupta

    Where can I get Remedy Developer Studio install for my desktop?

    Aug 23, 2022 02:19
    1. Himanshu Raul

      Hi Priyanka,

      Thank you for your comment. You can download and install the Remedy Developer Studio by running the Remedy AR System Server installer.

      When you run the installer, select Remedy Developer Studio from the Remedy AR System clients list.

      To download the Remedy AR System Server installer, see the topic Downloading the installation files.

      To perform the installation, see the topic Installing BMC Remedy AR System.



      Sep 06, 2022 11:05
  3. Anil Jain

    Is there a particular version of JRE required? Also, does it matter where JRE is downloaded from? Does it have to be from Oracle/Java? And, can Dev Studio work with 32-bit JRE?

    Dec 21, 2023 03:19