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Performing the BMC Remedy AR System installation

The following topics guide you through the process of installing BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System:

 Topic Additional information
Installing the BMC Remedy AR System ServerWhen you start the installer, you can choose one or more features to install at one time. Because certain applications depend on a specific set of features, you need to run the installer multiple times to install all of the features in the solution. For example, you first install the AR System server on one computer and then run the installer a second time to install the mid tier on a different computer.
Installing BMC Remedy Mid TierYou should not install any other application on the computer where you have installed the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
Installing BMC Remedy Smart ReportingOnly a fresh installation of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting is available. If you are upgrading BMC Remedy AR System, you must first run the installer in upgrade mode, and then re-run it in the fresh mode to install BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.
Configuring your web server and installing BMC Remedy Mid Tier with a .war fileBMC recommends that you install the Mid Tier with the BMC Remedy installer, but this section describes the alternative.war file method and the configuration steps.
Installing BMC Remedy Encryption Security

To use the following encryption products, you must install them on both the server and its clients:

  • BMC Remedy Encryption Performance Security (Performance Security)
  • BMC Remedy Encryption Premium Security (Premium Security)

Clients include BMC Remedy, third-party, and user-developed applications that use the BMC Remedy API.

Installing BMC Remedy AR System using silent modeThis topic explains how to perform a silent installation including creating the options.txt installation parameter file and running the installer in silent mode, using the installation options specified in the options.txt file. 
Installing offline documentationThis topic explains how to install the offline help.

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