This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Offline documentation installation issues

This topic describes BMC Atrium Core offline documentation installation issues, and the workaround to resolve this issue.

BMC Atrium Core offline documentation is installed correctly. However, the documentation cannot be accessed. This occurs because of the alphabet's case in the help URL

To troubleshoot offline documentation issues


You should perform the troubleshooting steps only if at least one BMC offline documentation archive is already installed on the web server. For more information on offline documentation installation, see Installing offline documentation.


  1. Extract the downloaded BMC ATrium Core offline documentation zip file to your hard drive.
  2. Open the extracted localhelp folder.
  3. Copy all the files from this folder to the localhelp folder of your web container (servlet container). For example, if you are deploying BMC Atrium Core 18.08 documentation to an Apache Tomcat web server, copy the ac1808 folder along with all the files and folders to <TomcatInstallationDirectory>\webapps\localhelp.
  4. Go to <TomcatInstallationDirectory>\webapps\localhelp\ac\ac1808 or the folder path according to your environment.
  5. Search for Home_609845948 and rename it to home_609845948.
  6. Go to SHARE:Application_Properties form.
  7. Open entry for property value: Remedy Foundation Prime Elements
  8. Enter the http://server:port/localhelp/ URL
  9. In the SHARE:Application_Properties form, open entry for property value: BMC Atrium CMDB and Product Catalog 
  10. Enter ac1805/home_609845948.html value for the property (step 9).


    The path for home_609845948.html value depends on your configured environment.

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