This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Hardware requirements

Click here to download a VSDX file (Microsoft Visio 2016) that contains a source copy of this diagram that you can customize to your environment. The following architecture diagram displays specifications for a medium-sized environment that supports 2000 concurrent Remedy ITSM users. For more information about the sizing guidelines, see sizing baselines.

For more information, see the following topics:

TopicTo learn about
Remedy on-premises solution architectureRemedy deployment architecture and sizing guidelines.

Configuration checklist for Remedy Platform Open link

Specifications, configurations, and sizing guidelines.

Configuration checklist for Digital Workplace Open link

Digital Workplace sizing guidelines and configurations.

Related topics

Compatibility matrix

Software dependencies for Remedy AR system

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  1. Jan Hartung

    It would be helpful if a VSDX file was also included on this page for PoC, Small and Large environments. That way customers would not have to gather this information from two different docs pages and one KB article. Also, as a minor improvement: update the filename of the VSDX file so it references the correct version. The link above shows 1805 as the version number instead of 2002.

    Jul 06, 2020 09:34
    1. Himanshu Raul

      Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your feedback on the documentation. We have changed the filename.
      We have provided the medium deployment VSDX file only for reference because this is the most commonly used deployment model.



      Jul 14, 2020 12:26