This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Deployment.
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Enabling Call Home to collect diagnostics


The Call Home function is no longer supported.

You use the Call Home function to collect diagnostic information that you can send to BMC Support for troubleshooting purposes. When you enable the Call Home functionality, it collects version information of your Remedy products and it collects BMC Remedy AR System plug-in server configuration. 

You can also use the Call Home functionality to review and analyze the sequence of your upgrade. This information is used for one of the following purposes:

  • Identify the exact stage where you might have skipped a step in the upgrade process
  • Trace the upgrade sequence you followed to locate incorrect steps that might have caused the upgrade to fail

The AR System Centralized Configuration Setting and SHARE:Application Properties forms contain the following information:

  • AR System Configuration Component Setting: contains information related to AR plug-ins and their properties. For example, AR System email messages, Approval Plug-in, and so on.
  • SHARE:application_Properties: contains information related to the products installed on the server along with their versions and language information.


BMC Support retains the collected information for only 90 days from the day the information was collected.

To enable Call Home functionality 

  1. In the browser, type http://<midtier>:<port>/arsys/ and log on to your BMC Remedy AR System server. 
  2. On the Applications flyout menu, click AR System Administration > BMC AR System Administration Console > System General > Server Information
  3. Click the Call Home tab. 
  4. Select I am willing to share the following data with BMC
  5. Enter your BMC Support credentials.
  6. Select the desired form name from the table.
  7. In the Opt-in column of the table, select the Yes check box..
  8. Click Apply and then click OK.

To resubmit the information

  1. Open the AR System Upgrade Tracker form. 
    You can access the form at the following URL:
    http://<midtier>:<port>/arsys/forms/<AR serverName>/AR System Upgrade Tracker
  2. Click Search.
  3. In the returnRequestId field, delete the ID
  4. Save the form.
    The information is resent to BMC after two hours.
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