This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy and applies only to the on-premises deployment model.

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AR System server file locations

This topic lists the locations of AR System server files on Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems.

Best Practice

We recommend that you retain this file structure. Do not remove DLL files from the arsystem/bin directory. If DLLs are not located in the bin directory, the thread running the process that requires a missing DLL will stop responding.

Windows locations


  • In the following table ARSystemInstallDir  refers to the default BMC Remedy AR System installation directory Microsoft Windows, which is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem.
  • If you use centralized preferences, the ARSystemHomeDirectory files are stored on the server and not in the local directories.
    • For new installations on Windows XP, the default ARSystemHomeDirectory is C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Application Data\AR System\HOME.
    • On Microsoft Windows Vista, the default ARSystemHomeDirectory is C:\Users\LoginName\AppData\Roaming\AR System\Home.
File typeWindows location
Executable/DLL filesARSystemInstallDir

Configuration files (armonitor.cfg and ar.cfg)


JVM configuration file (arserver.config)ARSystemInstallDir
AR and ar.ini filesARSystemHomeDirectory
Install log file (arsystem_install_log.txt)%temp%\
Default log file (*.log)ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\Db
Log files generated during import of data to the AR System server databaseARSystemInstallDir\Logs
Configuration check reportARSystemInstallDir\Logs\result
Error file (arerror.log)ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\Db\
Lock file (.lck)ARSystemInstallDir\Db\
API package
  • ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\api
  • Java doc files: ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\api\doc
  • Header file (include.h): ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\api\
  • Library file (lib.dll): ARSystemInstallDir\
  • Source code: ARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\api\driver
  • 64-bit library files: ARSystemInstallDir\lib64
Sample filesARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\samples
Email notification and submission configuration (armaild.cfg).
(You must install and configure the BMC Remedy Email Engine to use notifications.)
System error messages HelpARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\help
Forms that the installer imports during installationARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\InstallForms
Forms that the server self-imports at startupARSystemInstallDir\Arserver\SystemForms

UNIX locations


In the following table ARSystemInstallDir refers to the default BMC Remedy AR System installation directory on UNIX, which is /opt/bmc/ARSystem.

File TypeUNIX Location
Executable and DLL filesARSystemInstallDir/bin
Configuration file
  • /etc/arsystem/ARServerID/armonitor.conf
  • ARSystemInstallDir/conf/ar.conf
JVM configuration file (arserverd.conf)ARSystemInstallDir/bin
AR System servers
  • ARSystemInstallDir/conf/ar
  • /etc/init.d/arsystem
  • /etc/init.d/arsystem_ serverName
Install log file (arsystem_install_log.txt)
  • /usr/tmp/
  • /tmp/
    (SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux)
Default log files (*.log)ARSystemInstallDir/db/
Log files generated during import of data to the AR System server databaseARSystemInstallDir/Logs
Configuration check reportARSystemInstallDir/Logs/result
Error file (arerror.log)ARSystemInstallDir/db/
Lock file (.lck)ARSystemInstallDir/db/
API package
  • ARSystemInstallDir/api
  • Java doc files: ARSystemInstallDir/api/doc
  • Header file (.h): ARSystemInstallDir/api/include/
  • Library file (.a): ARSystemInstallDir/api/lib/
  • Source code examples: ARSystemInstallDir/api/src
Sample filesARSystemInstallDir/arserver/samples
Catalog files
  • /usr/lib/locale/C/LC_MESSAGES (Linux)
System error messages HelpARSystemInstallDir/help
Forms that the installer imports during installationARSystemInstallDir/installforms
Forms that the server self-imports at startupARSystemInstallDir/systemforms
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  1. Anesh Kurian

    Hi Team,

    I just performed an upgrade (in-place) from ARS 8.1 to 19.08, and while performing the post upgrade steps, I was not able to locate file arserver.config under ARSystemInstallDir/bin.

    But I could find arserverd.conf under the same path and could see entires that required to be updated as per Post upgrade steps.

    Kindly help confirm is this is correct file or it had to be replaced with the new name.

    Thanks, Anesh

    Sep 16, 2019 10:51
    1. Manash Baruah

      Hello Anesh,

      Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our notice. To answer your query- yes, arserverd.conf is the correct file. The arserver.config file is for Windows and arserverd.conf is for UNIX. 

      We'll update this topic to reflect the correct file name for UNIX.



      Sep 19, 2019 01:45