This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Installing offline documentation

If you click the Help button from any BMC Remedy IT Service Management product, the Home page of the online product documentation is launched. For example, if you click the Help button from the Reconciliation Engine console of the BMC Atrium Core product, the online documentation of the Atrium Core product is displayed. Install the offline documentation only if you are bound by a firewall or do not have access to internet so that the documentation is accessible to you within your intranet.


  • The offline documentation is updated for major releases (X.x) and service packs (X.x.xx) only. No offline documentation is provided for patches.
  • The offline Help is not updated automatically. You must perform this task to update the offline Help.
  • The Localized PDFs are available only on the online Documentation portal. To access Localized PDFs, navigate to the PDFs page of every BMC Remedy ITSM suite product, for example the PDFs for BMC Atrium Core CMDB 9.1.04 are available at Open link .

Deploying offline documentation

To download the offline help from EPD

Follow the download instructions described in the Downloading the installation files topic to obtain the offline documentation made available on the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. To download offline documentation and help for the product, click Documentation on the product EPD links page.

Ensure that you have obtained the following files from EPD:

Product Name

File name

BMC Remedy AR SystemOffline Documentation - BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Remedy Migrator, BMC Remedy Encryption Version
BMC Atrium Core Offline Documentation - BMC Atrium Core Version
BMC Remedy ITSM SuiteOffline Documentation - BMC Remedy ITSM Applications (Service Desk/Change Management/Asset Management/Knowledge Management) Version
BMC Service Request ManagementOffline Documentation - BMC Service Request Management Version 
BMC Service Level ManagementOffline Documentation - BMC Service Level Management Version
Remedy ITSM Process DesignerOffline Documentation for Remedy IT Service Management - Process Designer Version

To extract the offline documentation

Extract the zip file to the web application deployment folder of your web container (servlet container).
For example, with an Apache Tomcat web server, extract the zip file to tomcatInstallationDirectory\webapps. Under the tomcatInstallationDirectory\webapps directory, extract each offline help file to a localhelp_xxxxABCD directory where xxxxx indicates the application such as ITSM, AR, servicedesk, change, km, and so on and ABCD denotes the release version, for example 9.1, 18.08, 19.02, and so on.

The following snapshot displays the folder structure for 9.1:


  • The BMC Atrium Core offline documentation does not get installed correctly and is inaccessible. To resolve this issue, see Offline documentation installation issues.
  • If you do not install the offline documentation in a web server such as Tomcat, the search functionality of the offline Help does not work.

To enable the offline documentation for Remedy components

The following table lists the steps to be performed for enabling offline documentation:

Remedy components

Instructions or additional information

Remedy AR System, Mid Tier, Migrator, and Encryption
  1. Shut down the Mid Tier.
  2. Open the file, located in the directory <MidtierInstallDirectory>/WEB-INF/classes/.
  3. Locate the key and replace the value with http://midtier:port/localhelp_xxxxABCD/index.html. For example, http://SanJoseTomcat:8080/localhelp_ars91/index.html
  4. Start the Mid Tier.
BMC Atrium CMDB, ITSM Suite and applications
  1. Navigate to the computer on which you have installed the AR System Mid Tier Server. 
  2. From any browser available on the computer that has the AR System Mid Tier Server, type the following URL and log in:
  3. From the Property Name drop-down menu, select Offline Help File Path and click Search.

  4. Click each search result, update the Property Value field as per the following table and click Save for each entry.
    The following examples display the offline help URLs for the Remedy 9.1 release.


    Offline help file path example

    General offline helphttp://<midtier:port>/
    For example: http://SanJoseTomcat:8080/
    Asset Managementlocalhelp_asset91/index.html
    Change Managementlocalhelp_change91/index.html
    Service Desklocalhelp_servicedesk91/index.html
    Knowledge Managementlocalhelp_km91/index.html
    Service Request Managementlocalhelp_srm91/index.html
    Service Level Managementlocalhelp_slm91/index.html
    Process Designerlocalhelp_pd91/index.html


    These entries are case sensitive and must match with the names in the tomcat/webapps directory.

  5. Close the SHARE:Application_Properties form.
    You can now access the offline help from any computer by clicking the Help button on the Mid Tier.

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