This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Viewing configuration check reports

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When you run the BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility using any mode, an HTML report is generated from the configuration check result file (configcheckResult.xml). In the GUI mode, you can directly launch the report by clicking the HTML Report button.  

 The result file in is either newly created, overwritten, or backed up, depending on how you run the utility:

  • If you close the GUI session or restart the system, you can still view the status of the last run by loading this XML file.
  • If you immediately re-run the utility, the configcheckResult.xml file is overwritten.
  • If you re-run the checks after you click Prev on the utility panel, or if you close the utility and reopen it, the existing result file is backed up by appending the time stamp to the name, and the new result file is created with the updated time stamp.

Locating the configuration check report

The configuration check report (configchecheckerOutput.html) is located in the <InstallDirectory>/ARSystem/configchecker/result folder. Open the HTML report from the result folder.

If you run the BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility in the GUI mode, an onscreen report is displayed, in addition to the HTML report.


You can improve your interaction with BMC Support or other support service providers by providing the details of the failed checks along with configchecheckerOutput.html.

Understanding the configuration check report

The configuration check report has the following tabs:

  • Summary — Displays the configuration check name, the product for which the check is run, and the status of check execution.
  • Details — Displays a detailed description of errors and warnings encountered while running the checks. Clicking Click Here For Help redirects you to a detailed description of the check. The report displays a message type (MsgType) column. It lists the following types of messages:
    • Error – To prevent an installation or upgrade failure, you must investigate and resolve error messages before you continue the installation or upgrade.
    • Warning – BMC recommends that you investigate and resolve warning messages before you continue with the installation and upgrade. Warning conditions should not cause the installation or upgrade to fail.
    • Info – Information messages indicate that your Remedy system is not configured according to BMC recommended values. Resolving informational messages is optional. 


Unlike the configcheckResult.xml file, the HTML report is not backed up. You can generate an HTML report by using the configcheckResult.xml file through the command-line interface. Use the Show Result [res] command.

Launching the HTML report

The HTML report can be directly accessed by clicking the HTML Report button available on AR System Configuration Check Utility.


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Reviewing and resolving preupgrade and configuration issues

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