This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Upgrade configuration overview

You must perform the following pre-upgrade configuration checks before you run an upgrade.

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You can upgrade the platform components (Remedy AR System and BMC CMDB) separately from any applications on the system.

You must upgrade the Remedy AR System server and BMC CMDB together, and they must be at the same version. You can perform zero-downtime upgrade for the platform components. 

Remedy Mid Tier must be upgraded before the AR System Server is upgraded. Remedy Mid Tier 18.08 can be upgraded from any lower versions of Remedy AR System Server and BMC CMDB.

The following table describes the list of activities that you need to perform before upgrading Remedy:


Pre-upgrade Activity



Check the planning guide to select the appropriate upgrade method and understand the upgrade process.

1.1 Complete the installation spreadsheet.

Review the Planning an upgrade documentation.


Prepare the server group environment

To prepare a server group for upgrade, perform one of the following actions:


Check system hardware and software requirements.

Check the compatibility matrix.

See Hardware requirements.

This knowledge article includes hardware and configuration recommendations for an optimal performance:

Check whether your environment is compliant with the Compatibility Matrix.

4Check compliance with configuration best practices

Compare your environment with the best practice configuration:


(Based on your environment size, identify and correct any settings as appropriate)

5Check operating system configuration

Validate your operating system environment before upgrading:

  1. See Preparing a Windows environment for details on the following:
    1. Permissions required to run the installer

    2. Temporary disk space

    3. Terminal services configuration options

  2. See Preparing a UNIX environment for details on the following:
    1. Preparing to install as a non-root user

    2. List of RPM packages
    3. Preparing to install on Solaris 11

    4. Preparing to install on SUSE 11 and 12

    5. Running a remote installation on UNIX


Check database server configuration

Follow the steps in the Database Configuration Troubleshooting Guide to ensure that your database is set up correctly.


Check database inconsistencies by running Database Consistency Checker

(optional) If you have any doubts about your database health, Running the database consistency checker to compare the Remedy AR System metadata with the database structure inside a database.

8Install additional tools or utilities before upgrading

Review the following table to determine the additional tools for the upgrade. See Installing Upgrade Utilities

Delta Data Migration tool

Install Remedy Migrator to migrate the data from your current production system to the staging system.

Remedy Developer Studio Snapshot utilityUse Developer Studio for capturing a snapshot of server application objects and reconcile the objects during the upgrade.
Remedy Configuration check utility

The configuration check utility runs automatically during an installation or upgrade.

Optionally, you can run the Standalone Configuration Check utility at any time to check the environment or configuration of a component that is already installed or that you plan to upgrade.


Validate the Pre-upgrade configuration checklist

Review the Remedy - AR System - Server - Pre-Upgrade Configuration Checklist for AR Server .

10Perform the upgradeUpgrading the Platform
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