This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Troubleshooting BMC Remedy AR System issues

This section describes the issues you might encounter during the installation, upgrade and migration of BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System. The following table provides links to relevant topics and brief descriptions of the issues the topics address.

Locating BMC Remedy AR System files and formsThis section describes each BMC Remedy AR System feature and client files and forms that the installer creates and modifies during installation.
Free and available portsThe port number provided during the installation of the BMC Remedy AR System components is already in use.
BMC Remedy Approval Server installation and upgrade issuesThe following issues are addressed:
  • Installer terminates while checking for conflicts.
  • Backing up customized workflow.
Troubleshooting the BMC Remedy Migrator installation 
Installation issues on an Oracle databaseInstaller cannot find the configured path for storing the database.
Issues with Microsoft authentication code for signing BMC Remedy AR System installersThe Microsoft authentication code for signing BMC Remedy AR System installers might not work correctly with the installer for version 7.6.xx of the BMC Remedy AR System installer.

Related Topics

Refer toTo know about
Platform installation and upgrade known and corrected issuesKnown and corrected issues in the BMC Remedy AR System.

BMC Remedy AR System known and corrected issues in the BMC Remedy AR System space.

Known and corrected issues in BMC Remedy Migrator.

Troubleshooting in the BMC Remedy Action Request System space

Issues that are not listed here or issues related to the other features of BMC Remedy AR System
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