This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Running a BMC Service Request Management installation health check


Perform the following postinstallation task on BMC Service Request Management 18.05.

You can use the Health Check utility, which is part of the BMC Service Request Management Maintenance tool, to run a post-installation health check on your files.

The health check uses a bill of materials (BOM) file from each BMC Service Request Management application to verify that the application forms and workflows that you chose to install were installed properly. The health check reports on any parts of the product that are broken.

To perform the health check

  • Microsoft Windows: Choose Start > Run. Click Browse. Change directories to C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMC Service Request Management\Utilities. Run BMCServiceRequestManagementMaintenanceTool.cmd.


This is the default directory. If you install BMC SRM on a different directory, you must open the utility folder under the SRM install directory.

  • UNIX: Go to <SRM install dir>/utility and run ./ For example, a UNIX installation directory might be /opt/bmc/bmcremedyitsmsuite/Utilities
  • You can also run the tool from the utility directory on the product installation DVD.

For information about performing a health check using the BMC Service Request Management Maintenance Tool, see Collecting logs, diagnostics and performing system health check using the Maintenance Tool

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