This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Restoring deleted objects

Creating an upgrade comparison server

To preserve the overlays when you upgrade applications or system components, you must create a copy of your current staging server. This copy is called the upgrade comparison server (UpgradeComparisonServer).

To create an upgrade comparison server

  1. On the system that you are going to use as the upgrade comparison server, install BMC Remedy AR System.
  2. Create a copy of the StagingServer database, which is already at the latest version.
  3. Restore the copy of the StagingServer database over the existing database on UpgradeComparisonServer.

Reviewing upgraded functionality and restoring deleted objects

The upgrade process on the staging server might modify and possibly delete some of your overlaid objects. Modifications to these objects performed by the upgrade do not affect your overlays and custom objects, but deletions do. 

Normally, you should not replace a deleted overlay with a custom object, because the upgraded application will not use the custom object. If you have overlaid objects you want to preserve, you can save them as custom objects. If any of your customizations are deleted during the upgrade of the StagingServer, use Developer Studio to restore them by creating custom objects on the StagingServer using the overlays that are still present on UpgradeComparisonServer.


A custom field on a deleted form is not preserved, because no form is present to contain the field.

To create custom objects for any overlaid objects that were deleted during the upgrade

  1. Compare the overlaid objects on StagingServer against the same objects on UpgradeComparisonServer.


    Ensure that you have set your BMC Remedy Migrator configuration options before performing the following procedure.

    1. In BMC Remedy Migrator, selectTools > Options.
    2. In the BMC Remedy Migrator Options dialog box, expand Differences and select Display.
    3. Select the Display all missing objects option, and make sure that all the other options are not selected.
    4. Open a new server window for StagingServer.
    5. In the navigation pane, click StagingServer to list all the objects on this server.
    6. Sort the object list on the Customization Type column, and select all objects with the value Overlay or Custom.
    7. Right-click and select Differences > UpgradeComparisonServer.
      BMC Remedy Migrator generates a difference report.
  2. For every overlaid object that exists on UpgradeComparisonServer, but not on StagingServer, decide whether you need the object. If you need it, use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to duplicate the overlay manually by saving it as a custom object on StagingServer.
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