This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Performing the BMC Atrium Core installation

The following topics are provided:

Do this first

Before you run the BMC Atrium Core installer, close applications that are running. A running application might consume some processes that are required by the BMC Atrium Core installer for deploying the installation files and directories. If you do not close such applications, the installation will not proceed.


  • To reduce installation time, do not install the products over a WAN.
  • Because the BMC Atrium Core installer does not install Product Catalog Data, for information about the installation of Product Catalog Data, see:
    • Product Catalog Data Home  
    • Installing Product Catalog Data
  • Ensure that your installation directory does not contain special characters.  
  • Accept the default values displayed in the installer panel.
  • License the AR System server before you start installation.
  • If you have BMC SIM in your environment, and the SMS database is on a different computer than the one where the BMC Atrium Integration Engine service runs, the BMC Atrium Integration Engine service must be configured to use a Windows Authentication logon in Connection Settings.
  • The AR System server that the application connects to must be running.
  • No users must be logged on to the AR System server during the installation.
  • Disable the Record Object Relationships option from Administration Console > Configurations tab.
  • An initiation of the BMC Atrium Core installation from the command prompt might fail if you use parameters (representing the path to the BMC Atrium Core installation directory) with spaces. Ensure that you have enabled the creation of 8.3 file names and directories for all long file names and directories on your Windows computer, so that short paths are supported while installing BMC Atrium Core. For more information about 8.3 file names, see Microsoft Support

     Enabling Windows 8.3 file names

    Perform the following steps to verify or enable Windows 8.3 file names feature:

    1. Verify whether the Windows 8.3 file names feature is enabled: In a Windows command prompt enter fsutil behavior query disable8dot3.
      • If the output is disable8dot=0, then Windows 8.3 file names feature is enabled.
      • If the output is disable8dot=1, then Windows 8.3 file names feature is disabled.
    2. In a Windows command prompt, enable Windows 8.3 files names feature by entering fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0.
    3. Restart Windows.


The BMC Atrium Core installer sets the IATEMPDIR environment variable to the /tmp, /var/tmp, or %TEMP% directory. The /tmp/var/tmp, and %TEMP% directories must have at least 2 GB of free disk space for the installer to temporarily deploy the BMC Atrium Core files and directories. If you set the IATEMPDIR variable to a different directory, ensure that this directory has at least 2 GB of free space.

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