This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Optional components that you can install

When you install BMC Remedy Mid Tier by using the suite installer, the following optional features are installed (if you select them):

  • Tomcat JSP engine — The Tomcat JSP engine is installed in <ARSystemInstallDir>\<serverID>\tomcat.
    In BMC Remedy AR System 9.x, you can install Tomcat version 7 and later. If you select this option, the installer checks for versions of Tomcat and displays messages accordingly:
    • No Tomcat version is detected — You can either install Tomcat by using the BMC Remedy Mid Tier installer or choose not to install Tomcat.
    • Unsupported Tomcat version is detected — The installer displays a message indicating that you need to install the supported Tomcat version before continuing with the installation.
    • Different supported Tomcat version is detected — The installer displays a message indicating that the supported version is already present. You can install version 6.0.20 or use the version that you already have installed.
    • Same Tomcat version is detected — BMC Remedy Mid Tier installation continues.
  • (Windows only) ARWebReportViewer application — If you have BusinessObjects Enterprise XI installed, the ARWebReportViewer application is installed. The minimum amounts of free space required for the mid tier host are as follows:
    • 120,000 KB during installation
    • 40,000 KB after installation
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