This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Installing upgrade utilities

Review the following table to determine whether or not you need to install additional tools for an upgrade:

UtilityUpgrade methodPurposeInstructions
Delta Data Migration toolStaged

Install BMC Remedy Migrator to migrate data from your current production system to the staging system.

For installation information, see Installing BMC Remedy Migrator.
BMC Remedy Developer Studio Snapshot utility



You will use Developer Studio to capturing a snapshot of server application objects and reconcile them during the upgrade.

The Snapshot utility in BMC Remedy Developer Studio is installed with the BMC Remedy AR System installer starting in version 9.x; however, if you have an version earlier than 9.x, you will need to one of the following:
BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility



The Configuration Check utility is run automatically during an installation or upgrade. When it is run by the installer, the Configuration Check utility will perform checks based on whether it is a primary or secondary server, and it will assess the configuration and environment of the system. This is the recommended method for running the Configuration Check utility.

Optionally, you can run the Configuration Check utility at any time to check the environment or configuration of a component that is already installed or that you plan to upgrade.

If you want to run the Configuration Check utility prior to the upgrade, see Performing configuration checks for information about how to obtain this utility.

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