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Installing Process Designer remotely

Before you begin

Make sure that you completed the installation steps given on Performing BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer installation.

For a fresh install of Process Designer, perform all these steps in the order listed.

Upgrade from a version of Process Designer earlier than 8.3.02 is not supported. Contact BMC support for assistance.

To install the Process Designer

  1. Create a new folder with name ProcessDesigner in bmc folder on your AR System server. For example, /opt/bmc/ProcessDesigner.
    Assign this folder read/write/execute permissions for all users.
  2. Extract the <<Installer_Launcher_Location>>\Disk1\files\ file.

  3. Copy ARID.jar and abyd-server-lib.jar files into plugins directory.

  4. Update the AR Configuration files with details of the new plug-ins.

  5. The ar.conf and pluginsvr_config.xml files must refer to the two plug-ins that Process Designer uses at runtime. The config.txt file, contained in ProcessDesignerServerFiles.gzip, contains templates for the additional entries.
    1. Navigate to ar.conf (usually in <AR install dir>/CONF) and copy the following lines from the config.txtfile:

      Server-Plugin-Alias: ABYDOS.ARID.FILTERAPI ABYDOS.ARID.FILTERAPI <servername>:<port>
    2. Replace <servername>:<port> in this template entry with the details from your server.
      <servername> is the name of your server and <port> is the port used by the server plug-in, usually 9999.
      For example:

      Server-Plugin-Alias: ABYDOS.ARID.FILTERAPI ABYDOS.ARID.FILTERAPI localhost:9999
    3. Save the modified ar.conf file.
    4. Locate the pluginsvr_config.xml file (default location is <AR install dir>/pluginsvr).

    5. Replace {ARID Configuration Path} with the full path to your ARID folder, as created in step 1 (for example, opt/bmc/ARID).
      For example:

      <pathelement type="location">D:\BMCSoftware\BMCARSystem\pluginsvr\processdesigner\abyd-server-lib.jar</pathelement>


      Delete ABYDOS.ARF.ARADMINPASS plugin entries, if any.

  6. Restart the AR System server.
    You must restart your AR System server for these changes to take effect, and for the plug-in to be initialized.
  7. Restart the AR System service
    To make sure that the ARID plug-in loads the updated configuration entry, restart the AR System service to re-initialize the plug-in. The ARID plug-in should now be operational.

Configuring the ARID plug-in and BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer runtime settings from the BMC Remedy ITSM online documentation.

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