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Installing BMC Remedy Migrator

BMC Remedy Migrator automates the process of transferring objects and data from one source (server or file) to another. You use BMC Remedy Migrator to compare data between different version of a product.  

Always install and use the latest BMC Remedy Migrator client version, irrespective of your current BMC Remedy AR System version.
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BMC Best practices for Delta Data Migration (DDM)

If you plan to use the Delta Data Migration (DDM) tool, which is bundled with BMC Remedy Migrator, BMC recommends that you install BMC Remedy Migrator on a standalone Windows server. Install in the same LAN as the destination BMC Remedy AR System Server but not on the source (current production) or destination (production staging) AR System servers. If the Windows server resides outside of the LAN segment, BMC recommends that you deploy a separate server for the Delta Data Migration tool, and that you run that server on the same LAN segment as the current production and staging servers.

Alternatively, if you do not have an additional Windows server, you can use the mid tier server in the production staging environment as the host for BMC Remedy Migrator and the Delta Data Migration tool. Ensure that the mid tier is disabled when you migrate your delta data.

To avoid performance issues, do not install any other application on the computer where the BMC Remedy Migrator is installed.

Before you begin

  • If you have not already done so, download the BMC Remedy Migrator installer.
  • Check the BMC Remedy Migrator memory usage and disk space requirements.
  • Shut down all other running applications.
  • You must have administrator privileges on the computer on which you are installing BMC Remedy Migrator. To perform the full migration, you must install the latest version of BMC Remedy Migrator and the latest binary fix.

To install BMC Remedy Migrator

  1. Extract the installation files to the server where you want to install BMC Remedy Migrator.
  2. From the extracted installation folder, double-click setup.exe.
  3. When you see the Welcome window, click Next.
  4. In the License Information dialog box, read the  license agreement, and click Agree.
    For more information about licensing, see Configuring BMC Remedy Migrator  and  Working with BMC Remedy AR System licenses from the BMC Remedy Action Request System online documentation.
  5. Perform either of the following actions:
    • Click Next to accept the default installation directory.
    • Click Browse to select another installation directory.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click the check box to place the BMC Remedy Migrator program icon on your desktop, and click Next.
  8. Review the installation options you selected; if they are correct, click Install to begin the installation.


    You might see validation warnings related to the mfc71.dllmfc71u.dll, and msv1_0.dll2 files. You can ignore these warnings, because they do not affect the installation.

  9. When installation is complete, click Done. (Optionally, you can click View Log to see the installation log.)

After you install

After you upgrade, check whether a patch or fix has been released in Release notes and notices. When you upgrade the product, you must install the latest service pack and then apply the latest patch (if available). Patches are not full installations and must be applied over the latest full installation (main release or a service pack).

To configure BMC Remedy Migrator, see  Configuring BMC Remedy Migrator . To begin using BMC Remedy Migrator, you must restart your computer.

Where to go from here

If you have installed BMC Remedy Migrator as part of your staged upgrade, return to Migrating delta data or the Remedy ITSM Suite staged upgrade process.

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