This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Installing BMC Remedy Encryption Security

These instructions assume that you have installed or upgraded to the latest version of BMC Remedy AR System.

To use the following encryption products, you must install them on both the server and its clients:

  • BMC Remedy Encryption Performance Security (Performance Security)
  • BMC Remedy Encryption Premium Security (Premium Security)

Clients include BMC Remedy, third-party, and user-developed applications that use the BMC Remedy API.


Before installing Performance Security or Premium Security on an BMC Remedy AR System server, you must add an AR System server license and the appropriate BMC Remedy AR Encryption license to the server. You cannot install encryption products on AR System servers that have evaluation or trial licenses. For information about adding licenses to servers, see Adding or removing licenses Open link in the BMC Remedy AR System documentation.

Before uninstalling or upgrading BMC Remedy Encryption Security products, stop the Atrium Integrator Service.

Standard security is built into the BMC Remedy AR System API, so you do not need to install it.

The following topics provide information and instructions for installing and uninstalling the BMC Remedy Encryption Security products:

Installing an application that communicates with encrypted serversInstall an application that communicates with a BMC Remedy AR System server on which encryption is already activated.
Installing encryption on BMC Remedy applicationsInstall Performance and Premium encryption on Microsoft Windows or UNIX-based BMC Remedy AR System servers and clients.
Installing encryption on non-BMC Remedy applicationsInstall Performance Security or Premium Security on third-party applications.
FIPS encryption optionsCompliance options for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

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