This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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Installing BMC Remedy AR System using silent mode

To run the installer in a headless environment or on multiple systems at the same time, you can run the installer in silent mode. 

Step ActionAdditional Information

Create an encrypted password using the BMC Remedy AR System Maintenance Tool

You typically use an encrypted password when running a silent installation.

Run the BMC Remedy AR System installer in silent mode



By default, the installer migrates the Lucene 2.9 single-file Full Text Search (FTS) index into Lucene 4.9 schema specific files. The index migration step can be time consuming.

To skip the migration step, use the -J BMC_AR_SKIP_FTS_INDEX_MIGRATION=true option when performing a silent installation. Refer to example options.txt file for more information. Once the FTS index has been migrated, subsequent installations skip the migration step.

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