This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Deployment.

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This topic describes the end-to-end tasks required to install BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite in a server group. A server group consists of two or more BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System servers that are designated as part of a group and share the same database. Servers that belong to the same group can provide backup for server operations that are allowed to run on only one server at a time. Critical operations have greater availability, because you can configure any server in the group to back up another server's operations. 

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  • If you want deploy any of the BMC Remedy shared services, you must deploy them after completing the installation. See Deploying BMC Remedy shared services.
  • You must perform the integration of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite with any other BMC products, for example BMC Truesight Operations Management or Smart IT, after the installation of the entire BMC Remedy ITSM Suite.

End-to-end steps for installation

Installation of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite comprises the following steps:

StepActionAdditional information

Plan and prepare for installation

Understand the different installers you need for different components, review the compatibility matrix, and the software and hardware requirements for installing. Download the installation files, obtain the license keys and complete the planning spreadsheets, and review the known and corrected issues.
2Install Remedy AR SystemBefore installing Remedy AR System, perform the preinstallation procedures, and after installing AR System platform, perform the postinstallation procedures.

Installing BMC Remedy Single Sign-On Open link

Use the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On installer.

Recommendation: Do not install any other applications on the computer on which you have installed the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On.

4Install Remedy Mid Tier

Use the BMC Remedy AR System installer.

5Install Remedy Smart Reporting

You must use the BMC Remedy AR System installer to install BMC Remedy Smart Reporting.

Note: You must onboard BMC Remedy Smart Reporting only after BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC Service Request Management and BMC Service Level Management installation.

6Verify configurationVerify that the primary server is configured.
7Install Atrium CMDB

When you start the installer, you can choose one or more features to install at the same time. Because certain applications depend on a specific set of features, you must run the installer multiple times to install all of the features in the solution.

For more information about the BMC CMDB components and where to install them, see BMC CMDB deployment.

8Install Atrium Core Web Services components

Ensure that you install BMC Atrium Core Web Services components and BMC Atrium Core Web Registry on the same computer.

9Install Atrium IntegratorYou can use the Atrium Integrator server in a server group environment to distribute jobs across multiple Atrium Integrator Carte servers.
10You need to install BMC Configuration Drift Management 8.1.01.

There are no installers for Remedy ITSM applications after version 18.05. To perform a fresh installation of Remedy ITSM, you need to first install ITSM and other applications using version 18.05 installers and then apply the latest deployment packages. This approach results in a significantly faster and easier upgrade.

Installing Remedy ITSM installs BMC Service Desk (includes BMC Incident Management and BMC Problem Management), BMC Asset Management, BMC Change Management, and BMC Knowledge Management.You can use the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite installer to perform the installation by using any of the following options:

  • GUI for installing the complete suite in one go
  • Command line utility to install the suite in phases
  • Command line utility to install in silent mode

After installing Remedy ITSM 18.05, the next step is to install BMC Service Request Management 18.05 and BMC Service Level Management 18.05 and then apply the latest deployment packages.


Before you apply the latest deployment packages, ensure that the 18.05 version of the applications are installed on all servers in the server group

12Restart the primary server---
13Complete the secondary server installationsTo perform the secondary server installations, repeat the steps described in stages 1 through 11.

Configure Atrium Core Web Services Open link

Perform the tasks described in this section to optimize performance and to avoid any issues.
15Restart the secondary server---

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