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Applying BMC Service Request Management 2.2.00 post-DDM packages

When the source version of BMC Service Request Management is 2.2.00 Patch 1 or earlier and the target version for BMC Service Request Management is 2.2.00 Patch 2 or later, delta data migration does not migrate the Service Request Question Response information because of a data model change. A hotfix is available to migrate the question responses data.

Before you begin

If you have not already applied BMC Service Request Management hotfixes, resolve the BMC Service Request Management version issues.

To apply the BMC Service Request Management 2.2.00 post-DDM packages

Complete the following procedure if the BMC Service Request Management source version is 2.2.00 Patch 1 (or earlier). For all other combinations, there is no need to complete the following procedure.


Run the Delta Data Migration Tool to migrate data for all applications, including BMC Service Request Management. After the migration has completed, install the BMC Service Request Management post-delta data migration bundle.

  1. Open a command window, and change to the Utilities\post_DDM\SRM\patches folder.
  2. Run the installer with the following command-line options:

    setup.bat <destinationServer> <user> <password> <port>
  3. Follow the prompts and wait for the installer to finish.
  4. Check the logs located in the Utilities\post_DDM\SRM_22\Logs folder to ensure that the package installed correctly.
    If there are any errors, correct them before re-installing the bundle.
  5. In a browser, open the DDM:MigrationTasks form and search for the entry with 'Task Tag' = "DDM_MigrateSRM2200-2200p2".
  6. Edit the Delta Start Time to reflect the date and time when the delta data migration snapshot was taken.
    Only Question Response entries that are created or modified after that time are migrated.
  7. Set the Migrate Data field to Yes, and save the entry.
    The migration process begins. At the end of the migration, the Migration Status field should display Successful.
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