This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Upgrading BMC Service Level Management

After you upgrade BMC Service Request Management, upgrade BMC Service Level Management, BMC Service Level Management Collector, and BMC Service Level Management Collection Point.

Before you begin

Perform the Pre-upgrade procedures for BMC Service Level Management.

BMC Service Level Management upgrade process

TaskActionAdditional information  

Use one of the following methods to upgrade the BMC Service level Management server:

You can choose to perform the upgrade in phases or all at once. Upgrading in phases enables you to perform configuration checks and validations, resolve any issues, and capture the installation options before you start the actual upgrade, which requires and outage. By upgrading in phases, you can keep the outage of your environment to minimum, thereby reducing the downtime of your system.

2.Perform the BMC Service Level Management Collector upgrade (Optional) The Collector is an optional component and does not need to be upgraded unless you create performance or SIM-based service targets.
3.Perform the BMC Service Level Management Collection Point upgrade

You must rebuild data sources and SVTs after the upgrade. For more information,  Rebuilding data sources

Where to go from here

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When you have finished upgrading the applications, return to the appropriate upgrade process:

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