This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Installing Drift Management with the GUI installer


Drift Management has been deprecated from BMC CMDB. The documentation provided for Drift Management is also deprecated and provided for information only.

See Deprecated features.

This procedure describes how to install Drift Management using the GUI installer on Windows and Linux. 

Before you begin

  • Read the pre-requisites before commencing the installation.

  • You cannot perform a remote installation.

  • Context-sensitive help is available to you in the installer panels; click the Help button.

  • You can run the Drift Management installer more than once, to install various combinations of the applications or their options as needed, or even run the installer on top of an existing installation. For example, you can first install Drift Management, and then later run the Drift Management installer a second time if you must install the Change Management or Incident Management extensions to Drift Management. However, the installation program prevents you from installing the Change Management Extension if Drift Management is not already installed.

  • The default location for installation is C:\Program Files\AR System Applications\<ARSserver-name>\BMC Configuration Drift Management (for Windows) and /usr/arsystem/<ARS server-name>/BMC_Configuration_Drift_Management (for Linux).

Best Practice

We recommend that your system have at least 2 GB minimum of RAM, but 4 GB is recommended. If your system has only 1 GB, the installer will not let you proceed. The installer prompts you with a warning message if you have less than 2 GB RAM installed on your system.

To install Drift Management with the GUI installer

  1. Start the Drift Management installer executable on the server that is running AR System, based on your operating system.

    The location from which you run this executable file depends on how you received the application.
    If you are installing on Windows:

    • If your files are on a DVD, run the BMCCDMSetup.exe file under the root directory.
    • If you downloaded the application from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution site, access the executable file from the top level of the working directory. This is the directory that you created to hold the files you extracted after downloading them.
    If you are installing on Linux:
    • Use an X Windows System.
  2. (If you are installing files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution site) Perform the following tasks:
    1. Change to the working directory containing the application files you downloaded, and then uncompress it.
    2. In the directory's root folder to which you downloaded the application, ensure that you have full read, write, and execute access to the BMCCDMSetup.bin executable.
    3. Type ./BMCCDMSetup.bin, and then press ENTER.
      You can also double-click the BMCCDMSetup.bin file to launch the installer.
      After some brief initialization messages appear, the Introduction panel appears. The Drift Management installer also checks the available temp space on your system. If sufficient temp space is not available, the installation stops.

  3. Perform an appropriate action and then click Next in the following panels:
    1. License Agreement  - Review the agreement and then click 'I accept the terms of the License Agreement'.
    2. Product Feature Selection - Select BMC Configuration Drift Management.
    3. AR System Server Settings - Enter the values from the planning spreadsheet.
    4. Drift Management Components Selection - Select Drift Management components, as needed:
      • Drift Management Application
      • Change Management Extension: Integration that allows you to create change requests from Drift Management, directly allowing users to fix their drifts. The installer checks the system dependencies and does not let you select this extension if Drift Management is not already installed on your system.

      • Incident Management Extension: Integration that allows you to create incidents from Drift Management, directly allowing users to report their drifts. The installer checks the system dependencies and does not let you select this extension if Drift Management is not already installed on your system.


      The BMC Change Management and BMC Incident Management applications must already be installed, before you install the extensions. See Installing BMC Remedy ITSM.

    5. Choose Install Folder - Select the location for installation.
    6. Prerequisites - The installer checks if your system and if your system fails the check, you must quit the installer and fix the problems before you can continue.  If you have questions, click View Details to view the software prerequisites, as shown in Drift Management prerequisites.
    7. Pre-Install Important Note - Reminds you that the installer restarts the AR System server during the installation phase.
    8. Pre-Installation Summary - Describes the product you are installing, the installation folder, and product components. In the Pre-Installation Summary pane, click Install. After the progress of the installation is displayed, you are reminded to restart the web server.
  4. Click Done to close the installer.
  5. When you click Done, the installer creates the BMC_Configuration_Drift_Management_InstallLog.log file. Review this file and the other installation logs for any error or warning messages. For more information, see Installation logging  in BMC Atrium Core documentation.
  6. When the installation process is finished, including a reinstallation of Drift Management, use the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool to flush the mid tier cache. For more information, see the BMC Remedy Action Request System Installing and Administering BMC Remedy Mid Tier guide.
  7. Stop and restart the web server.
  8. Open Drift Management.
    For information, see BMC Configuration Drift Management post-installation procedures.
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