This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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BMC Configuration Drift Management pre-installation procedures


Drift Management has been deprecated from BMC CMDB. The documentation provided for Drift Management is also deprecated and provided for information only.

See Deprecated features.

This topic comprises the prerequisites for installing the BMC Configuration Drift Management (Drift Management) application. 

While the BMC Configuration Drift Management installer validates your system to verify that minimum prerequisites are met, you need to ensure that the following installation prerequisites are met prior to installation.


  • When you install BMC Configuration Drift Management 8.1.00, the Drift Management 8.1.00 installer performs the upgrade from an earlier version of Drift Management to Drift Management 8.1.00.
  • For updated installation prerequisites, see the release notes for Drift Management in the documentation section of the Customer Support website at


You must install Drift Management with the compatible versions of BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System and BMC Atrium CMDB on Windows or Linux. If AR System and the BMC Atrium CMDB are installed, configured, and running on any platform other than Windows or Linux, you cannot install Drift Management. For specific product versions, see Reviewing the compatibility matrix



Additional information


 Back up the AR System database.

This allows you to restore AR System to its preinstallation state if you encounter problems.


Activate the licenses for all BMC applications that you need to work with Drift Management.

License BMC Atrium CMDB, Change Management, Incident Management, Flashboard Server, and so on, before you install them. Ensure that you apply all the licenses you need.

Note: If a customer installs BMC Configuration Drift Management on the AR System server that is subject to the BMC Atrium SC license restriction, the customer is limited to three (3) fixed users for BMC Configuration Drift Management.


Check for a missing DLL file (Windows 2003).

In Windows 2003 environments, you get an error if the framedyn.dll file is not in the system directory. As a result, the installer cannot capture available memory. To fix the problem, Microsoft has published a Knowledge Base entry and workaround to replace the missing framedyn.dll file.
4.Verify the amount of TEMP space needed by the installer.The Drift Management installer needs to use a large amount of disk space at initialization time, several times larger than the space required by the installed Drift Management application. This is because the installer self-extracts its contents to a temporary directory before it can run. The location of this temporary directory is dependent on the underlying operating system.

Install Drift Management and help as non-root - Linux only

Best Practice

When installing the application on Linux, we recommend that you perform the installation as a root user. However, you can perform the installation as a non-root user.

6.Handle issues with installing Drift Management on an Oracle database.If you are installing Drift Management on an AR System server with an Oracle database, the installation sometimes stops due to the BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System server timing out.
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