This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy ITSM Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

BMC Configuration Drift Management postinstallation procedures


Drift Management has been deprecated from BMC CMDB. The documentation provided for Drift Management is also deprecated and provided for information only.

See Deprecated features.

This section contains a series of procedures that you must complete after you install Drift Management, but before you begin the configuration activities described in BMC Configuration Drift Management

Perform these activities to ensure that the application is activated and runs as expected by your user community.

 Downloading Drift Management patches

After installing Drift Management, you must download and apply the latest patches (when they become available).

To download the patches

  1. Log on to the AR System server with a browser or the BMC Remedy User Tool client.
  2. Open the SHARE:Application_Properties form in Search mode and verify the current patch level of your Drift Management installation.
    The SHARE:Application_Properties form contains multiple records. Ensure that you find all the relevant information for Drift Management.


    Do not modify any of the records in the SHARE:Application_Properties form.

  3. Log on to the Customer Support website at
    To download patches, you must have a support contract.
  4. Click Product Downloads, Patches, and Fixes.
  5. In "Remedy Heritage Customers, visit the Patch Download site" under Patches, click Patch Download.
  6. In the Product field, select Drift Management.
  7. Click Search.
    The available patches are listed.
  8. Download and apply the latest patches.
    For information about installing a patch, see the Readme file that is included with the patch.

 Opening Drift Management from the IT Home Page

The simplest way to access Drift Management is to use the IT Home Page. 

The IT Home Page is a single point of access that includes all applications, forms, and guides that have been configured as entry points, and to which the user has access permissions. AR System generates all the entry points from all the servers in the AR Server Settings window in the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool, and displays them in the application list field of the home page. 

The IT Home Page appears automatically when web clients access the Home Page URL (http://<mid_tier_server>/arsys/home).
For more information about opening Drift Management, see BMC Configuration Drift Management  in the BMC Atrium Core documentation.

Installing offline documentation

Read the common procedures related to installing offline documentation.

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