Viewing BMC System Performance reports

The BMC System Performance for Db2 session begins at the BMC System Performance for Db2 main menu.

From the menu, select option D (System Performance) to display the Sysplex Db2 Monitor report.

The following figure displays an example of the BMC System Performance for Db2 main menu.

SPDESEL1/I                System Performance for DB2                   13:50:09
Command ====> ________________________________________________________________

Current Data Collector : C520    Status : ACTIVE                               
Select one of the following options.  Then press Enter.                        
_  D. System Performance - DB2 subsystem and storage pool analysis             
   1. DOMPLEXes          - Select/change DOMPLEX/Data Collector connection     
   2. User Options       - View/modify user options                            
   3. Administration     - Manage user and data collector profiles             
   H. Help                                          
   X. Exit                 Z. About System Performance for DB2

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