Release notes: Version 9.0.00 of MainView Middleware Monitor



BMC is releasing version 9.0.00 of the MainView Middleware Monitor.


Before you begin installation, BMC recommends checking the documentation portal or the Support Central website for recent flashes and technical bulletins. Also, check Support Central for:

  • Product downloads, patches, and fixes (PTFs)
  • Product availability and compatibility data

What's new

This section summarizes the changes or new features in this release. 


The product has been rebranded. BMC TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor is now MainView Middleware Monitor (MVMM).
Note that the previous versions (prior to 9.0.00) are still available under the name TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor, while some internal BMC resources may still also refer to the product as TrueSight Middleware Monitor (TMTM).

MQ extension enhancements

  • Queue Manager view
    • Client connections
    • Accounting and Statistics tabs
    • System topic monitoring data for CPU and Disk
    • Media Image Attributes
  • Queue view
    • Media image attributes
  • MQ 9.1 support
    • MQ logging properties and statistics
  • Policy and event pack updated for accounting and statistics

Monitor Console Child Object Summary Table enhancements

The Monitor Console View allows you to add a Child Object Summary Table or one may exist on an out of the box view. New to 9.0.00 is the ability to export data from this table. By default, a new Toolbar has been added to the top of each Child Object Summary table. If you do not wish to use this feature you may disable it for all views. (View option to toggle on/off).

  • You may export in .CSV format to a file or use Ctrl-C to copy the selection to the system clip board for pasting into other applications.
  • You may specify to include or exclude the column header text and rearrange columns prior to the export.
  • You may export only selected data versus all cells with options to select by row, column or cell including standard Shift or Ctrl click to select ranges or pick items respectively. As well as Ctrl-A to select everything.

WebSphere Message Broker and Extension enhancements

This extension has been enhanced with several improvements.

  • Support has been added for App Connect Enterprise (ACE).
  • Support for REST API Application monitoring (IIB and ACE).
  • You may now control which execution groups are monitored by specifying a filter.
  • You can use Archive statistics as an alternative to Snapshot statistics with a lower, configurable update interval.
  • You may monitor your broker remotely.

DataPower extension enhancements

This extension has been enhanced to be fully discovery enabled. This allows fine-tuned selection for monitoring using policies, the Bulk Monitor Selection dialog or repomgr tool. Performance improvements have been made to prevent a poorly performing device from skewing the statistics collected for other devices. View changes as well as the Policy and Event Pack has been updated.

MVMM can now report on the DataPower memory usage of domains, with the addition of a few number of attributes. See Reviewing attributes that can be monitored.

New Apache ActiveMQ extension

New to 9.0.00 is a new Performance & Availability (P&A) monitoring extension for Apache ActiveMQ. Installed out of the box items include views, history templates and view collections for the new ActiveMQ objects. In addition, a new policy and event pack has been provided with BMC Event and Impact Management (BEM), Email, and LogToFile events as well as policies to register objects for monitoring, associate discovered ActiveMQ objects to history and event templates, etc.

String based event triggers

Prior to 9.0.00 all event trigger evaluations were numerical. Beginning with 9.0.00, you may now use a regular expression operator as well as using a string value with the comparison operators.

Maintenance enhancements

This version provides the following maintenance enhancements: 

Audit Event Journal purge

The new Audit Event Journal purge feature is a maintenance enhancement that by default ensures journal data tables are stored for 40 days only (this default value can be customized). Previously, data was stored for an unlimited time period, which can have an impact on performance.

The three new keywords which define this feature are set by default by the installer in the services.cfg file, and are listed below:




Database version check

When MVMM services start up, the Object Manager checks if it is connecting to a supported version of the database server.


For more detail on db_version_check keyword, see [QP_Object_Manager_Service]

For more detail on supported database versions, see Database server requirements.

Database watchdog

This new feature allows a more granular control of MVMM services in case the services can't automatically reconnect to the database after a database outage or a network outage.



For more detail on DB watchdog, see [QP_Object_Manager_Service]

Microsft SQL server letter collation check

When MVMM services start up, the Object Manager checks if the MVMM database (in case it is a Microsoft SQL Server database) and the database server-wide letter collation is case sensitive.


For more detail on mssql_letter_collation_check keyword, see [QP_Object_Manager_Service]

Additional platform and technology support

Following are the additional platform and technology support in this release.

Platform support for MVMM services

  • Windows 2019 Server
  • RHEL 8
  • SLES 12, 15
  • Ubuntu 16, 18

Platform support for MVMM Monitor Console

  • Windows 2019 Server

Platform support for MVMM agents/extensions

  • AIX 7.2
  • iSeries i5/OS V7R3, V7R4
  • z/OS 2.4
  • Windows 2019 Server

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Integration support for MVMM

  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management - BPPM 9.6+, TSIM 10.5+
  • MainView Middleware Administrator 9.1

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Database support for MVMM services

  • DB2 LUW 11.5
  • Oracle 12.2
  • Oracle 18c
  • Oracle 19c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Monitored technology supported by MVMM extensions

  • Apache ActiveMQ 5.15x
  • BMC MainView for WebSphere MQ 5.4
  • IBM DataPower 7.6.x, 2018.4.1.7
  • Oracle WebLogic 12.2
  • TIBCO EMS 8.3, 8.4, 8.5
  • WebSphere Message Broker 10, ACE 11
  • WebSphere MQ 9.1 (excluding HP/UX Itanium)

See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

And more

This version provides the following additional enhancements: 


  • Certificates are new used for communication between the Monitor Console and Application Service. If you launch the Monitor Console from an installation, then the certificate is implicitly accepted. If you attempt to connect the Monitor Console to a different set of services, you will be prompted to trust or not the certificate and host.
  • TLS information on the help > about dialog and do_support.
  • Certificate acceptance required by Birt report designer.
  • HTTP redirected to HTTPS for Application Service
  • Security Configuration Tool improvements.
  • Password policies for internal LDAP security configurations.

Repomgr tool

  • Added stable attributes in exported json file and formatted output.
  • Added host information in exported json file.
  • Allow specification of a regular expression to find type names or attributes.
  • Added an option to output valid type paths that can be used in other options.


  • Files are generated every four hours and included in do_support that includes agents by platform.csv and objects_by_agent.csv.
  • Windows 64-bit services allowing support for monitoring bigger environments on those service machines with enough memory.
  • z/OS 64-bit agent and MQ Extension allowing support for monitoring bigger environments when allocated enough memory.

Views and collections

  • Some views have been updated for consistency or to include new objects or attributes.
  • Additional collections have been added.

Deprecated or dropped features and platforms

The following are the deprecated or dropped features and platforms in MVMM 9.0.00:

Dropped technologies, features, or platforms in 9.0.00

The following technologies, features, or platforms are no longer supported. See System requirements and product compatibility for full details on the supported technologies and versions.

Middleware Monitor

  • TIBCO Rendezvous

Middleware Transaction Monitor

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) BMC Transaction Monitoring (BTM) Extension
  • Sun Java System Web Server BMC Transaction Monitoring (BTM) Extension


  • BMC EUEM Integration is no longer supported. The EUEM servlet is disabled by default in services.cfg.
  • Event Actions
    • HP OpenView: The functionality to send events to HP OpenView was deprecated and unsupported in 8.1.00 but was not removed. In this release the functionality has been removed and is not available.
    • Tivoli Enterprise Console: The functionality to send events to HP OpenView was deprecated and unsupported in 8.1.00 but was not removed. In this release the functionality has been removed and is not available. 
    • The following migration will occur the first time the services are started after upgrade or when using mqsimport to import items exported from an earlier release:
      • References to Tivoli Enterprise Console or HP OpenView product provided templates in Policy Actions will be changed to the equivalent product provided BEM event templates. 
      • User created event templates with references to product provided Action pipelines will be have the references changed to the product provided LogToFile_Generic Action pipeline.
      • User created Action pipelines using the Tivoli Enterprise Console or HP OpenView actions will have the action changed to the product provided LogToFile_Generic action.
      • User created Action pipelines using any other action that uses a Tivoli Enterprise Console or HP OpenView format script in the message output is changed to the product provided LogToFile_Generic format script.

Deprecated technologies, features, or platforms in 9.0.00

The following features or platforms are deprecated in 9.0.00 and while currently supported, will be removed from a future release. See System requirements and product compatibility for full details.

Deprecated in 9.0.00:

  • HP-UX Itanium: This platform is supported until MQ 9.0 is out of support.
  • RHEL 6

From the 8.1.00 documentation, the following was and is still deprecated:

  • Solaris x86 and Solaris SPARC


    The Solaris JREs available for distribution in MVMM bootstrap agent packages use an Oracle Java 8 JRE. BMC will not be providing updates for those JREs going forward. 

    For future updates on Solaris SPARC or X86 you must either provide your own Oracle JRE or use a JRE provided by one of the technologies being monitored. 

    As such, the Solaris SPARC and x86 platforms are being deprecated for possible removal in a future release. If you are using either of these platforms contact BMC Support so we can determine when and if either of these platforms should be removed in a future release.

From the 8.0.00 documentation, the following were and are still deprecated.

  • TPF as a monitored platform. Note that the Configuration Manager has been removed in 8.1.00. Monitoring selection of IBM MQ objects supported by TPF must use the bulk monitoring selection dialog within the Monitor Console. See Registering and un-registering multiple objects for monitoring. Other mechanisms for selecting objects for monitoring such as the repomgr tool, policy actions, or other Monitor Console menu items are not supported for TPF.
  • Oracle WebLogic Monitor

Technology Versions no longer supported, both P&A and BTM

  • IBM DataPower Firmware 6.0.2, 7.0.0
  • IBM HTTP Server 7.0, 8.0
  • TIBCO EMS 6.3, 7.0
  • IBM WAS 7.0, 8.0
  • IBM IIB 8.0, 9.0
  • MQ 7.1 (z/OS), 7.5, 8.0


  • WAS must be monitored remotely for i5/OS. The extension is no longer available for i5/OS.

OS Versions no longer supported

  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 7
  • SLES 11

DB versions no longer supported

  • DB2 LUW 9.7 and 10.1
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Integrations no longer supported

  • BPPM 9.5
  • BMC EUEM Integration


The BTM feature, enabled by license, is withdrawn and BMC will stop providing support for this on March 31, 2024. This feature is not being updated to support new releases of the technology it monitors and as the supported versions are no longer supported by the technology vendor that functionality may be dropped earlier than March 2024. Please refer to the “Supported application transaction tracing technologies” table for the currently supported versions.

Upgrade notes

The MainView Middleware Monitor installation program supports direct upgrades from the two most recent versions of the product. If you are running earlier versions of the product, you must perform at least one interim upgrade before you can directly upgrade to the latest version of the product. For details, see Supported upgrade paths .

You might encounter the following issues after the upgrade:

  • Former product name and acronym displayed
  • Changes in behavior

Former product name and acronym displayed

After upgrading to version 9.0.00, you may still see references to the previous product name, TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor (TMTM), both in the product itself and throughout the BMC system.

In addition, MainView Middleware Administrator ( MVMA ) might also be referred to its previous name TrueSight Middleware Administrator (TSMA).

Note that MainView Middleware Monitor supports:

  • TSMA 8.2
  • MVMA 9.0
  • MVMA 9.1

Changes in behavior


When a concrete event rule or template association rule is changed and the state of the rule is active (ie. has been triggered) the clear action is executed. Prior to this version the clear action was not executed, only console alerts were cleared. If you wish to retain the old behavior, set the execute_clear_action_on_rule_change keyword of the Event_Service stanza in services.cfg to a value of false.

Corrected issues

This section lists corrected issues in this release.

DRX79-4430Qpea does not resend values at startup because no extensions are connected.
DRX79-4418 Assertion Failed messages seen in QPMON logs on Z/OS agents.

Related to security scan:

The following pages do not set headers.

  • http://servername:15007/agentdist/
  • http://servername:15007/custom_mc_launch.html
DRX79-4315Security Scan reporting a vulnerable issue for the TMTM URL (http://<servername>:15007)
DRX79-4190QPWMB Agent file handle leak .
DRX79-4186Tunnel agent can not stay connected if the BMM server hostname maps to 2 IP addresses in DNS. Tunnel agent can not tolerate multiple IP addresses for the services host.
DRX79-4174QPWMB agent installation fails with IIB V10.0.0.19 On Linux server.
DRX79-4135qpea TTI (queue handle/channel instance) growth while disconnected from TS.
DRX79-4100Agent Installation - Tunneling not working with AIX FP I agents and FP H services.
DRX79-4072TSMA integration does not handle change in collate_by_qmid properly
DRX79-4067Unable to delete DataPower objects from Object Repository tab
DRX79-4063Some TMTM service log files being created "world writeable" on Linux server
DRX79-3998Qpea reports the wrong number of qpmon connections.
DRX79-3954TSMA.LISTENER gets created even though an active SYSTEM.DEFAULT.LISTENER.TCP exists
DRX79-3930Event clear action pipeline not executed when trigger altered.
DRX79-3926Changed the OOTB TMTM Event templates for MQ Services
DRX79-3907Customer wants to have an alert on DataPower WSDL Status by passing Numeric Value in TMTM8.1.
DRX79-3905matool.bat fails on Windows if the product is installed in a directory whose names contains whitespaces.
DRX79-3904FixPack installer ends prematurely while trying to stage the perl installation on Windows
DRX79-3899Scrolling on WMB view | Elapsed Time Trending tab doesn't work properly

Customer having three TIBCO agents installed on three different servers and they are observing high memory utilization by TIBCO Extensible agents on all three of them.

DRX79-3853Logical View Command Buttons not working on Dashboard with multiple displays collections after applying the TMTM 8.1 Fixpack G
DRX79-3693OpenJDK Platform binary looping 100% of the CPU.
DRX79-3621After applying Fixpack F, Linux X64 Package Distributions are not sending updated files to Agent. Pkg Dist tab shows as successful but no files are transferred.
DRX79-3429Java Exceptions When running after installing IIB Version running FixPack8100.425B
DRX79-2750In MqsUserTool.log, mqsusertool reveals password in plain text.
DRX79-2749[ApacheDS Upgrade] Historical clear text password in master.db, even after current password is encrypted.
DRX79-2742[QM002393587] For IIB 9 monitoring with qpwmb, the JSSE provider jar must be included in the OSGI bundle.
DRX79-2741[QM002392395] does not modify to include setting MQSI_REGISTRY environment variable.
DRX79-2551[QM002379121] Modify the Windows service in question to include quotes in the path.
DRX79-2502[QM002373225] WMQ Connection Policy action not allowing for blank usernames after they have been specified.
DRX79-2501[QM002373219] Input ignored when running the Security Configuration Tool in console mode (securityconfig.bin -i console)
DRX79-2472qpwmb : Logged in nohup.out, "the value of attribute "longDesc" must not contain the '<' character"
DRX79-2459[QM002368542] qpmon does not do anything to close incoming sockets when it is done with them.
DRX79-2455[QM002367124] End Date//Time for policy action based suppression period resets to current Date//Time.
DRX79-2435[QM002366478] have the qptibems extension manage the connection so that it would ignore servers that are in the standby state.
DRX79-2405[QM002359372] Repeats in qpas-webmc.log:qp_db_exception,Code: -803, Msg: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2//LINUXX8664
DRX79-2395[QM002358549] Application Service: Migration Controller cannot handle view group media files in some old formats
DRX79-2380When values are altered via SCT after TSMA has been configured, TMTM should reconfigure TSMA on the next re-start.
DRX79-2379When max search results exceeded, error output is not At least 100 entries found.
DRX79-2378Missing ticks/check marks on SCT summary page when run on Linux.
DRX79-1874[QM002345496] QPWMB: fails with Integration Bus Version FP10
DRX79-1866z/OS agent - Enabling monitoring for an object from the Object Repository fails. Error message "Unrecognized command, or Unsupported Function. Command id 2149"
DRX79-1814For z/OS qmgrs, when user tries to use check tsma connection status from the Obj Repo tab, is says the qmgr is not running. This works on distributed.
DRX79-1791Package Distributions not recognizing new Fixpacks/agent versions and does not have a way to force an update JSON output is different than stdout output.
DRX79-1738Policy keeps updating WMQ remote file access information on Connections in TSMA-ME which causes the RFA to fail
DRX79-1467qpwmb - When MessageFlowStatistics is set, administrative commands are sent using CMP API. That can cause issues with broker deployments.
DRX79-1236When importing a view or modifying an existing view, the background color will not set to white. It becomes grey.
DRX79-703QPMON service stops when copying messages into queue
DRX79-698Security Tab; can't sort columns.
DRX79-694repomgr "query limit" does not offer enough feedback and is not intuitive
DRX79-690Unable to (drag/drop) copy multiple artifacts between logical instance since update to V8
DRX79-688MC: Trend chart range buttons do not work after loading view group from local queue
DRX79-687QPWMB: Uninstall does not deregister subscription
DRX79-675DATAPOWER: DataPower version not present in bmm.datapower.log or bmm.datapower.stdout.log
DRX79-409MC - Event Actions, issues with Color Picker when launched from an Event Template



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