Release Notes — version 3.4.00 of MainView Console Management, Console Automation, and SecureHMC for zEnterprise



 BMC is releasing version 3.4.00 of the MainView Console Management for zEnterprise.


Before you begin installation, BMC recommends checking the documentation portal or the Support Central website for recent flashes and technical bulletins. Also, check Support Central for:

  • Product downloads, patches, and fixes (PTFs)
  • Product availability and compatibility data  

What's new

This section summarizes the changes or new features in this release.

Enhanced interface

This release enhances the MainView Console Management graphical user interface (GUI) to make it more user friendly. The updated interface helps you navigate more easily  through the systems and views.

Ability to designate users as non-root

This release allows administrators to configure MainView Console Management to run its processes using  a user ID other than built-in "root" user account. Running MainView Console Management under a different user ID will enhance system security since that user account will have normal user account security applied to it.

Enhanced search feature for MainView Console Automation viewer

The search feature has been enhanced to perform a more refined search. This feature enables you to better pinpoint messages according to additional search parameters. The search feature now includes the following fields:

  • Text - lets you search for a specific phrase.
  • Message ID - lets you search for a specific message.
  • Color - lets you searchfor specific message color.
  • System - lets you search a specific system.
  • Job ID - lets you search for a specific Job ID.
  • WTOR - Write To Operator Reply.
  • Time Range - lets you search for a specific start and end time range.

IPL Automation

IPL Automation provides a way to coordinate automation between the Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Console Consolidation Server (CCS) sessions to execute an orderly shutdown and IPL of a mainframe LPAR. This feature enables creating templates and IPL configurations. An IPL template contains commands and rules to automate a generalized shutdown and IPL.

The IPL configurations defines the HMC, LPAR, the CCS console session, and any other predefined template parameters required for the IPL. The template parameters are directly linked to the LPAR and mandatory for configuring the IPL. This release also implements new RDL2 rules to run and maintain IPL Automation. 

Scheduled Tasks

This version includes a new scheduled tasks feature. You can create scheduled tasks to perform actions at a specific time in the future, or on a hourly, daily, or weekly periodic schedule. 

CCS - Secure TCP

CCS sessions may use Secure TCP (TLS or SSL) when connecting to OSA-ICC controllers that have been upgraded and configured for secure TCP connections. Secure TCP may be enabled on a per-CCS session basis.

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