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  1. Matthias Rabast

    The list of BMC Flash article should contain a date when the Flash was published (to customers).

    Oct 08, 2019 09:08
    1. Dottie Wood

      Hi, Matthias. Thanks for the suggestion! We are forwarding it to the team members who are responsible for this content.

      Oct 09, 2019 02:58
      1. Dottie Wood

        Hi, Matthias. We cannot implement your suggestion at this time but will retain it in our backlog for possible implementation later.

        However, from the home page of any product space, you can access a list showing all related notices, along with their publication dates. Use the following procedure to see an example:

        1. Go to the MainView for z/OS 6.2 space
        2. Click Notices (the expandable ribbon near the top of the home page). 
          The displayed list shows all related notices and their publication dates. 
          You can use the Global Filter box to filter the list by date. You can also click the Date column header to sort the list in ascending or descending date order

        We hope this helps!

        Nov 14, 2019 02:57