(ID 782) Technical bulletin: Common REST API is now available


All MainView products


All supported versions


Overview of the feature

 A new REST API allows users to access MainView data from outside of MainView. This enables using MainView data in other tools for reporting and analysis. For more details, see Administering the Common REST API .

Obtaining the enhancement

To install the Common REST API, you must use Installation System version 3.11.00 or later. For information about installation and maintenance, see  Installing .

Apply the Installation System Update (ISU) for September 2019 to the HLQ.INSTALL and the HLQ.INSTALL.LOAD libraries. For more information about updating the Installation System, see Updating the Installation System .

To install the REST API, when you generate your installation jobs, on the Product Selection panel, select Common RESTful API for Tomcat.  It installs FMID ZCRA100.

If you have questions, call BMC Support. If outside the United States, use the Select Another Country drop-down list to search for local phone numbers.


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