Planning and installing

This section provides a general description of the process for installing the BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes products.

The installation process

  1. Review the requirements for installing and running your products, as described in System requirements for product installation.
  2. Decide how you want to obtain the product files, as described in Choosing a distribution method
    • electronically, from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) facility
    • from a z /OS installation tape
  3. Use the Online Installation Facility as described in Installing products with the Online Installation Facility
    • Specify data set names and other parameters that conform to the requirements of the customer site.
    • If necessary, create a new, or update an existing Product Control File.
      This file is required to unload the distribution tape or to run any product, as specified in the licensing agreement.
      Identify Runtime Libraries.
    • Identify Runtime Libraries.
    • Create and submit the UNLOAD job, which unloads the products from the distribution tape. 
      The files are unloaded from the distribution tape and the execution JCL and CLISTs for the installed products are automatically tailored so that they can be successfully executed.
  4. Choose a product invocation method, as described in Choosing an invocation method
    • customize a LOGON PROC, if needed
    • customize the ISR@PRIM panel, if needed
  5. Run the installed products. 


    Because many BMC product JCL streams change from release to release, you should regenerate product jobs with the current release. Do not use JCL that was generated by a previous release. 

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