This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.
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Configuring the MyStuff dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills

As a business analyst, you can enable users to access their asset or MyStuff information in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced from a chat conversation. In a chat, the chatbot displays the user's assets and actions that the user can take on an asset.

To configure the IBM Watson Assistant Skills

You can configure the My Stuff dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant Skills by the following two ways:

To configure MyStuff dialog node


To avoid errors, do not delete the dialog nodes after adding them.

  1. Download the JSON file that has IBM Watson Assistant dialogs.
  2. Copy the content of the JSON file you have downloaded.
  3. Log in to IBM Cloud and navigate to the skill that is configured in the BMC Helix Chatbot.
  4. Download the JSON file of the IBM Watson workspace as shown in the following image:

  5. To insert my stuff dialog tree hierarchy to Watson Assistant workspace, edit the downloaded Watson workspace JSON file as follows:
    1. Search for dialog_nodes and paste the content you had copied in step 2 after the dialog_nodes.
    2. Search for "BMC - Thanks" dailog node and insert "My Stuff" node just above the "BMC - Thanks" dialog node. 


      If your workspace does not have "BMC - Thanks" dialog node, then choose the root dialog node before which you want to insert "My Stuff" node.

    3. Search for "title": "BMC - Thanks" and note the previous_sibling attribute value, and change the value to bmc_my_stuff


      If your workspace does not have "BMC - Thanks" node, then select a node before which you want to insert the MyStuff node.

    4. Search for "%PREV_SIBLING_ID" in the workspace JSON file and replace it with the previous_sibling attribute value you noted in the last step.

    5. Search for "title": "BMC - Anything I can help with?" and note down its "dialog_node" attribute value. 


      If your workspace does not have "BMC - Anything I can help with?" dialog node, then identify root dialog node where you want to jump out to similar root dialog node. It is used when no items found for given input.

    6. Search for "%ANYTHING_ELSE_NODE_ID%" and replace it with noted "dialog_node" attribute value in previous step. 

    7. Search for "title": "BMC - Start Over" and note down the "dialog_node" attribute value. 


      If your workspace does not have "BMC – Start Over" dialog node, then identify top most second root dialog node and note down its dialog_node value.

    8. Search for "%EXIT_MYSTUFF_NODE_ID%" and replace it with noted "dialog_node" attribute value in previous step. 

    9. If you want to create new workspace with different name, then make sure the name of workspace is set as you prefer.

  6. Save the changes. 
    Ensure that you validate the JSON format. For validating the format, see Open link .

To update the existing IBM Watson Assistant workspace

Execute the REST API as described in  IBM Cloud Workspace Update Open link . You can use Postman to execute REST API. Also, ensure that you have not performed step 5 (h).

To create a new IBM Watson Assistant workspace

  1. Go to the IBM Watson Assistant skills dashboard. 
  2. Navigate to Create Skill > Dialog Skill > Import Skill and import the JSON file that you modified. 
  3. Verify that the skills is created by the name given in the workspace JSON file. 
  4. Open the imported skill and go to the Dialog tab. 
  5. Verify if “BMC - My Stuff” dialog is created above “BMC – Thanks” dialog node. 
    If you had selected some other dialog node instead of “BMC - Thanks”, then verify the same.
  6. To create my-stuff intent, select the Intents tab. 
    1. Select Create intent button.
    2. Set Intent Name as mystuff.
    3. Click Create Intent.
  7. Edit “#my-stuff” intent and add following examples one at a time:
    • Show my assets
    • Show my devices
    • Show my items
    • Show my stuff
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