This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.
To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Submitting service requests and providing feedback through chatbot interaction

In BMC Helix Chatbot, an administrator enables chat for services so that end users can request for these services by initiating a chatbot conversation. As an end user, you can request for various services over a chat like, a leave request, a medical reimbursement request, a laptop change request, and so on. 

You can perform the following actions during a chatbot conversation:

  • Interact with a chatbot in any supported locale, only if an administrator has configured BMC Helix Chatbot for localization.
    For a list of supported locales, see Localizing chatbot conversations by using real-time translations.
  • Transfer a conversation between multiple chatbots.
  • Provide feedback on your interaction with a chatbot by submitting a rating. 

Before you begin

  • To interact with a chatbot in a supported locale, make sure that you change your browser locale.

  • Make sure that you have performed the following tasks when you are using the corresponding communication channel:

    Channel that you are usingActionSteps
    Microsoft Office 365 TeamsTo open the chatbot from Microsoft Teams.

    From Microsoft App Store, add the chatbot application for self, as shown in the following image:


    To interact with BMC Helix Chatbot in one of the supported locales.

    In addition to changing the browser locale, you must also change the language settings in Slack.

To submit a service request from a chatbot conversation

  1. Initiate a chatbot conversation and type your query.
    For example, type I need time off.
  2. Provide additional details about your query.
    From the multiple options presented to you, you can select the desired option, or you can type the query details in the chat.

  3. (Optional) You can request for the chat transcript by performing any of the following actions:

    • By typing text in the chat—Type I need the transcript of the chat and select an option to specify when do you want the transcript. If you select Send now, the chat is over and you receive the transcript on the email ID that is registered with your organization. If you select Send later, the chat continues, and you receive the transcript after the chat is over.
      The following image shows how the bot prompts you to specify when you want the chat transcript:

    • By using the UI option—Click  and then select the Send transcript check box After the chat is over, the transcript is sent to the email ID that is registered with your organization.


      • During a chat conversation, you can request for a transcript of the current chat only and not a previous chat conversation.
      • In the transcript, you can view the entire chat conversation, and other details such as date, time, and name of attachments, if any.
  4. Verify the request details and submit the request.
    BMC Helix Chatbot creates a service request and returns the status of your service request with the parameters, such as Service Request ID, Order ID, Status, and cost for the service. If a turnaround time is defined for the service, that time is also returned in the status.
  5. (Optional) You can check the status of all your requests by entering the following options in your chatbot conversation: 
    • Show status of all my open requests
    • Show status of all my closed requests
    • Show status of all in-progress requests

Ways to transfer a conversation between multiple chatbots

If an administrator has configured multiple chatbots in your organization and enabled conversation transfer between them, a conversation can be transferred from one chatbot to another.

A conversation can be transferred in the following ways:

  • If the chatbot that you are interacting with is unable to answer your query, the chatbot automatically transfers the conversation to another appropriate chatbot.
    The following image shows how a conversation is automatically transferred:

  • If the chatbot that you are interacting with is not trained to transfer a conversation, you can manually transfer the conversation to another appropriate chatbot. 
    The following image shows how you can transfer a conversation:

When to provide a rating or feedback for an interaction with a chatbot

When you use the BMC Helix Chatbot web UI, Slack, SMS, or Skype as a communication channel, you can provide a rating or feedback on your chatbot interaction. You can provide the feedback only when one of the following events takes place:

  • After you submit a service request
  • After the question Is there anything that I can help you with? is displayed
  • After you enter I want to provide feedback in the conversation


In a session, you can provide a feedback only once, unless you request to provide another feedback.

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