This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.
To view the documentation for the previous version, select 19.08 from the Product version menu.

Getting started

BMC Helix Chatbot offers intelligent, omni-channel experiences that lets users find and request services through a conversational interface. 

If you are new to BMC Helix Chatbot product, the information in the following sections introduce you to the product features and helps you to get started with BMC Helix Chatbot.

Best practices for using chatbots

BMC Helix Chatbot interacts with users through natural language, understands the conversation context, and performs tasks on behalf of users. It also helps users to resolve issues on their own or search for any information they need for their issues. BMC Helix Chatbot aims to simplify the regular activities of administrators and BMC Helix Chatbot users. To leverage BMC Helix Chatbot for your business requirements, BMC recommends you to consider certain best practices provided in the following PDFs:

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