This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.
To view the documentation for the previous version, select 19.02 from the Product version menu.

19.05 enhancements

BMC Helix Chatbot provides a self-service solution for users to resolve their issues. It provides support by interacting with users through natural language, understanding the conversation context, and performing tasks on behalf of the user.

This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.05 of BMC Helix Chatbot.

Improved BMC Helix Chatbot web UI for better end user experience

The BMC Helix Chatbot web UI is enhanced in the following areas:



Carousel to display knowledge articles and service requests

  • Knowledge articles and service requests are displayed in a carousel for better readability.
 Example of knowledge articles displayed in a carousel

  • After opening a knowledge article, end users can navigate to other articles without returning to the chat window.
 Example of navigating to other knowledge articles

  • End users can download attachments directly from the knowledge articles.
 Example of downloading attachments from a knowledge article

Timestamp in the chatbot header

Timestamp is displayed at the beginning of the chat. To see the timestamp for each message, end users can click the message bubble.

 Example of timestamp in chat header and chat bubble

Option buttons

Option buttons in addition to the number of buttons that is configured are displayed in the Show More menu.

 Example of option buttons in the Show More menu

Default animation for chatbot

The chatbot is animated when it loads for the first time.

New avatar for agents

The agent avatar is changed so that end users can easily differentiate between a chatbot and an agent.

 Example of the chatbot avatar and agent avatar

Administrators and application business analysts can configure the look and feel of the chatbot in the following ways:

  • Configure the number of option buttons that can be displayed for the end users. 
  • Change the chatbot header logo, background color, and header text colors.
  • Change the chatbot and agent avatars.
  • Disable the default chatbot animation.

For more information, see To change the branding of a chatbot.


  • Administrators and application business analysts cannot configure the color of the chatbot footer and message bubbles. A BMC Helix brand tagline appears in the footer. For more information, see Unsupported and deprecated features.
  • During an upgrade, only the currently supported settings are carried forward from the previous configuration. Settings that are no longer supported, such as the chatbot footer color, are not applied to the chatbot after the upgrade.

Support for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business on-premises as chatbot channels

Administrators can now configure BMC Helix Chatbot to work with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business on-premises (when the Skype server is hosted in the client's environment) as chatbot channels. For more information, see Enabling Microsoft Teams in a chatbot application by registering inline with Microsoft Apps Studio and Enabling Skype for Business on-premises in a chatbot application.

Support discontinued for Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business online as a chatbot channel

Support for Miicrosoft Office 365 Skype for Business online as a channel for BMC Helix Chatbot is discontinued.See the Skype for Business channel in Bot Framework is being deprecated  notice in the Microsoft documentation.

BMC Helix Chatbot User Survey feature

Customers can provide feedback on their Chatbot experience by using the Chatbot User Survey feature. Customers receive a survey after their interact or raise a request with the Chatbot. They can provide the feedback by using any browser or any chatbot channels such as Slack, Twilio, or Skype. For more information about providing feedback on Chatbot experience, see Providing feedback using BMC Helix Chatbot User survey 

Developers and Business Analysts can configure the BMC -  User Feedback dialog node to capture the customer feedback on their chatbot conversation experience. For more information about configuring the survey dialog node, see Configuring the survey dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills.

Generate chatbot usage reports by using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting capabilities

Customers can generate application usage reports by using BMC Remedy Smart Reporting capabilities that are leveraged by BMC Helix Platform. These reports help you in understanding whether end users are using the chatbot application to its full potential, deriving statistics about a successful or unsuccessful chatbot event, and so on. BMC Helix Platform provides the following reports out-of-the-box:

  • Service Request completed
  • Successful transfer to agent
  • Failed transfer to agent
  • Failed entitlements check
  • Survey feedback by end users (metrics only)

For more information, see Tracking events to generate chatbot usage reports.

Role to generate reports

Administrators can assign the Event Report Access Role to users so that the users can access BMC Remedy Smart Reporting and generate the reports. For more information about assigning the role to the users, see  Enabling access to application usage reports .

Support for IBM Watson Assistant user metrics

As an administrator, you can now use the  Metrics Overview dashboard  in IBM Watson Assistant to get details of the number of unique users who used your application or chatbot for a given period. You can also get the average number of conversations per user for a given period. The user information is kept private, as BMC Helix Platform Cognitive Service sends the required information to IBM Watson Assistant without revealing the user identity. 

The Metrics Overview dashboard displays the usage metrics for both auto-classification and auto-assignment, and for the chatbot application.

Support for attachment questions and dynamic answers in service requests from a chat

As an application business analyst, in BMC Helix Chatbot, you can publish services with questions that require attachment and dynamic answers. These services provide the following benefits to users:

  • Enable users to add attachment to their service requests in a chat.

  • For questions with dynamic answers, the services display pre populated values from which users can select the required value.

For more information, see Enabling users to submit service requests from BMC Helix Chatbot conversations.

Support for cognitive insights in BMC Helix Chatbot

BMC Helix Chatbot now has the ability to replace the enterprise BMC Knowledge Management search with cognitive insights. 

BMC Helix Chatbot now provides out-of-the-box HTML templates that enable you to configure the display of knowledge articles on web and non-web channels. You can also display and download the files attached to a knowledge article.

You can configure cognitive insights for all the supported chatbot channels—Slack, Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business, and Twilio (SMS). For more information about the scenario to enable cognitive insights and the end-user experience, see  Scenario: Enabling cognitive insights in chatbot applications

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