This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Chatbot.
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An administrator manages BMC Helix Chatbot to work with BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. The workflow to administer BMC Helix Chatbot can be divided in four phases—Creating a chatbot, configuring the IBM Watson Assistant Skills, integrating BMC Helix Chatbot with other applications, and performing advanced configurations, such as enabling live chat for users, embedding BMC Helix Chatbot in external applications, and so on.

The following table describes the tasks that you must perform in the specified sequence, the product in which you must perform the task, the description of the action that you must perform, and the reference to the procedure:




Phase 1: Setting up BMC Helix Chatbot
1Provide the IBM Watson Assistantworkspace ID in  BMC Helix Innovation StudioBMC Helix Innovation StudioSetting up BMC Helix Chatbot
Phase 2: Setting up multiple specialized chatbots

Create a chatbot and configure the conversation Skill ID for the chatbot.

BMC Helix Chatbot

3Customize the chatbot for your line of business.

BMC Helix Chatbot

Setting up chatbots for your line of business

Phase 3: Configuring BMC Helix Chatbot to work with a communication channel and enabling real-time translation.

4Configure a communication channel for users, such as Slack, Microsoft Office 365 (Teams), Skype for Business on-premises, and SMS, which uses Twilio.
  • BMC Helix Chatbot
  • BMC Helix Platform
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • (Optional) Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business on-premises, or Twilio
Configuring a chatbot to work with a communication channel
5Configure real-time translation to localize chatbot conversations
  • Translation service provider
  • BMC Helix Chatbot
Enabling a real-time translation provider for chatbots

Phase 4: Configuring IBM Watson Assistant to work with BMC Helix Chatbot


Customize BMC Helix Chatbot to invoke custom actions in a dialog.

IBM Watson Assistant

Customizing the chatbot actions

Use the English IBM Watson Assistant Skills to create localized Skills so that end users can chat with BMC Helix Chatbot in a supported locale.

IBM Watson Assistant

Leveraging the English Skills to create localized Skills

Configure data that you want to add in a chat context so that BMC Helix Chatbot does not seek answers from the end users.

IBM Watson Assistant

Adding context to a chat conversation by using Person or application data

If you are using BMC Helix Chatbot version 18.08 or earlier, configure IBM Watson to include a newly-added dialog Live AgentChat – Login. The dialog enables users to access the topics that are configured in BMC Virtual Chat.

IBM Watson Assistant

Configuring the live chat dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills
10Configure the intents and dialog nodes to enable transfer between multiple chatbots.

IBM Watson Assistant

Configuring the dialog nodes to enable transfer between chatbots
11Update the search dialog-node to publish the chatbot response to a user query as answered or unanswered.

IBM Watson Assistant

Updating the search dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant Skills
12Configure the survey dialog nodes to capture feedback provided by end-users for their chatbot experience.

IBM Watson Assistant

Configuring the survey dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills
13Configure the MyStuff dialog nodes to enable users to access their asset or MyStuff information from a chat conversation.

IBM Watson Assistant

Configuring the MyStuff dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills
Phase 5: Performing advanced configurations
14Configure cognitive search so that the chatbot application identifies the user's natural language query and locale to search for relevant knowledge content.
  • BMC Helix Platform
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • IBM Watson Discovery
Configuring cognitive insights for BMC Helix Chatbot
15Enable summarization of chat conversations for support agents.
  • BMC Helix Chatbot

Enabling summarization of chat conversations
16Enabling cognitive routing of chats to support agent with subject expertise.
  • BMC Helix Chatbot
  • BMC Virtual Chat
Enabling cognitive routing of chats
17Test whether the chatbot is able to understand the conversation context and provide appropriate responses when interacting with users in natural language.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
Testing the chatbot training data to improve predictability

Address the personal data protection and privacy requirements for BMC Helix Chatbot associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

BMC Helix Innovation Studio

Addressing BMC Helix Chatbot data privacy requests
Phase 6: Reporting and analyzing chatbot usage
19Analyze and monitor chatbot usage with the help of measurement dashboard.

Remedy Smart Reporting

Viewing BMC Helix Chatbot reporting dashboard


Track chatbot events to generate usage reports and to check how chatbot is being used by the end users.

BMC Helix Innovation Studio


Create reports based on the raw events in the Telemetry service.

  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

  • Remedy Smart Reporting

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